Stephen Amell Arrow Workout Reviewed By Pro Fitness Blogger

One of 2012's hottest new TV shows, Arrow has sparked an interest in the leading star Stephen Amell's workout plan. Here's an overview of what it takes to get a physique like Stephen Amell.

Online PR News – 20-November-2012 – Los Angeles – Since the pilot of Arrow, viewers have scoured the internet for information on Stephen Amell's workout routine.

With Arrow airing on a weekly basis, many viewers get a first hand look at Amell's lean and muscular physique. There is no doubt that Stephen Amell put in weeks of work to the achieve the body we see on screen.

Stephen Amell's workout for Arrow included plenty of fight training and cardio. More specifically, Stephen had to pack on a sizable amount of lean muscle in order to accurately portray a vigilante superhero.

And although many online bloggers tried to dissect the exact workout for the tv show Arrow, that seems to have been a secret kept between Stephen and his personal trainer.

"In order to build a physically impressive body, you need a decent amount of lean muscle mass and the only to accomplish this is by progressively lifting heavier weights and eating in a slight caloric surplus" - Keith Lai, FitMole.

After examining countless celebrity workout plans including those of Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum, it is very clear that Stephen has followed a similar template. The actor followed a weight training program where he lifted weights three to five times per week. This workout would contain exercises done in both the low and high rep range to increase both strength and induce muscular hypertrophy.

In addition to his vigorous weight training, Stephen also performed copious amounts of fight training to get ready for the intense fight scenes that occur on the popular action-drama.

But of course, one of the main contributions to Stephen's success was his diet. Stephen followed a dairy and gluten-free diet that allowed him to stay lean while building more muscle.

With this diet, Stephen would stay away from foods like milk and yogurt since some fitness experts believe that consuming dairy can stall fat loss and progress.

But like any workout program, it doesn't work unless you put the time and effort into it.

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