Recently in Newsweek, Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry is a Leader in Implant Dentistry

Over 2500 Americans and Canadians have visited Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry located in Cancun, Mexico. Newsweek recently showcased Cancun dentist, Dr. German Arzate, in their Promotional Leaders in Implant Dentistry Showcase.

Online PR News – 20-November-2012 – Cancun, Mexico – Cancun dentist, Dr. German Arzate, is pleased to announce that Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry has now provided dental services to over 2,500 Americans and Canadians as a Leader in Implant Dentistry. This announcement comes shortly after Arzate was featured in Newsweek Magazine's July 2012 Double Issue as a Nationwide Leaders in Implant Dentistry Showcase Promotional, which features leading individuals or group practices in various specialties of healthcare.

Dental tourism in Mexico has grown and flourished in the last few years, especially with more North Americans finding themselves without dental health insurance and unable to afford expensive treatments and procedures. While many locations are more exotic, like Thailand and India, Cancun offers a reasonably close location for dental tourism. Dr. Arzate’s practice offers a high quality, yet affordable way for people to improve their smiles. They accept patients without insurance plans, helping them get the care they need without the financial burden.

“In Cancun, we can provide the same level of safety and quality that the domestic American dentists provide,” says Dr. Arzate. “The way we manage our practice helps us offer treatments and procedures at significantly lower prices compared to Canadian or American dental prices.”

As a destination for dental tourism, Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry provides a safe, comfortable atmosphere for cosmetic and restorative dentistry. The staff speaks fluent English, and all Cancun dentists and assistants are fully trained and certified. The facility follows standards of sterilization to provide hygienic standards at the highest level. They operate a clean and disinfected environment for each patient and only use filter water. All of the materials used are imported from reputable manufacturers in the United States, Japan, and Germany. They also offer guarantees for all dental treatments, including implants.

“Best of all, you can enjoy a great vacation destination,” says Dr. Arzate. “Cancun is safe, affordable, and beautiful. We are very close to the United States.”

For more information on Dr. German Arzate you are welcome to explore dental tourism at his website at or you can visit the office at Las Americas Shopping Mall, Store 215 on Tulum Avenue in Cancun, Mexico. You can also contact the offices, located in Store 215 at Las Americas Shopping Mall on Tulum Avenue, Cancun, Mexico, by phone at 1-800-565-1424. English speaking dental planners are able to help with any questions you may have.

About Dr. German Arzate
German Arzate DDS MS is the founder of Cancun Cosmetic Dentistry, a specialized clinic located in the heart of Cancun. He has over 22 years of experience in a variety of specialty fields within dentistry, including 9 years of dental implant and advanced cosmetic rehabilitations. He also specializes in a number of restorative procedures and treatments, including maxillofacial surgery, bone regeneration and maxillary growth, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and orthodontics. He is also a member of several American Asociations such as the ADA, AACD and the AAID.