Recommends Fixing iTunes Library Before Upgrading To iTunes 11

What a disappointment to have the latest iTunes 11 software program which utilizes album covers and an iTunes library that shows drab, grey musical notes instead of the artwork designed to go with the music. Fixing iTunes is recommended.

Online PR News – 20-November-2012 – San Francisco, CA – iTunes has become the worlds most popular music player software program which also allows us to sync to our favorite iDevices like the iPhone, iPod, iPad and iPod Touch. iTunes allows us to import CDs or mp3s and make playlists and listen to music, sync music and much much more. iTunes allows us to enjoy all our music in a digital form without ever needing to pop a CD in to listen to it.

iTunes 11 is going to be a major update from the current iTunes software program which originally was released over 10 years ago. iTunes 11 will have a new look and design which will feature simplified new library views utilizing beautiful album cover artwork. iTunes 11 will also include expanded views that will enable you to select one of your albums and expand it. This means you can see and play or just continue browsing the music and not click back to the library. This view will also show you iTunes Store recommendations for similar albums sort of like Pandora. This is an exciting update to iTunes that requires some preparation and fixing before installation of the latest and greatest iTunes 11! Fix iTunes music whenever new music is imported into iTunes or there's an upgrade!

When music was imported into the iTunes users library and without a fixing and cleaning process first, iTunes music libraries can become loaded with problems such as missing or misspelled song information, which will make it difficult to find the songs that are being searched for. Or the iTunes user will run into duplicate songs that take up way too much valuable hard drive space in the computer. For the purist, music can also end up without the beautiful album cover artwork. If the iTunes library has some or all of these problems, the problems will be transferred to iTunes 11 as well. What a disappointment to have the latest iTunes software program which utilizes album covers and an iTunes library that shows drab, grey musical notes instead of the artwork designed to go with the music, to say nothing of the inconvenience of all the misspellings, and other missed details and duplicate songs. Always running an iTunes cleaner program is always recommended to enjoy iTunes music even more.

Fortunately there’s an automatic solution to clean and fix the iTunes music library so the joy of having the new iTunes will be better than imagined. It’s a great, new, simple tool designed to clean and fix all the problems before installing the new iTUnes. And, it will also locate all the correct album artwork and add it to the music! It’s called “Fix and Clean iTunes” and available at .

This powerful program scans the entire iTunes library, finds and removes duplicate songs, corrects the spelling of genres, songs, artists and album names, finds missing song details and information and adds them to the mp3s, and locates and adds all the missing album cover artwork. It’s a powerful tool that allows users to use their iTunes 11, as they dreamed it would be. It’s the best and most amazing program of its kind. Fix and Clean iTunes is an amazing solution. Fix iTunes now and enjoy iTunes 11 music even more!

About [] has helped many iTunes user fix countless problems in iTunes libraries. Many iTunes users libraries are full of problems that can simply be fixed with a solution that we offer. If the iTunes music lovers library is fixed the music will be found and enjoyed much more. The iTunes music user will be able to find and identify the music they are listening to, avoid having countless amounts of duplicate mp3s, enjoy looking at album cover artwork that the music lover is listening to and much more. Please visit for more iTunes fix solutions and fix itunes music Now!

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