SupportPlusMedical, The Online Division of American Diabetes Services, Partners with SD Biosensor
11/20/2012 Names SD Biosensor, makers of Gluco Navii, as their primary brand for superior accuracy and competitively priced glucose meters.

Online PR News – 20-November-2012 – Boca Raton, Florida – Boca Raton, Florida (November 16, 2012) Today Support Plus Medical, the online retailer division of American Diabetes Services is pleased to announce a new exciting partnership with SD Biosensor. As a global leader in the development of advanced biosensor technology, SD Biosensor meets and exceeds the exceptional quality that consumers value in critical diabetic testing previously supplied by American Diabetes Services and for cash patients through the leading membership based online DME, As evidenced by their newest FDA approved meter, the GlucoNavii, SD Biosensor’s products give the patient and caregiver unparalleled accuracy in results and the monitoring and management of diabetes. As a result, SD Biosensor will serve as Support Plus Medical’s primary brand for reliable, accurate meters for patients in need of lower cost supplies without compromise. Through this partnership, both parties are desirous to provide reliable and trusted diabetic products as well as offer low cost solutions through Support Plus Medical’s unique club membership program and Medicare reimbursement partners.

“SD Biosensor understands the critical role Support Plus Medical plays in providing quality products at affordable prices to their patients. We also understand the difficulties each patient faces with rising healthcare costs during the current recession." Jeff Konecke, President of SD Biosensor, said. "This is why we are pleased to be partnering together on Support Plus Medical's new MedVantage Program. This new membership program will allow patients to purchase the SD Biosensor line of diabetic products through while benefiting from a membership program that constantly grows in value." SD Biosensor finds American Diabetes to be a prolific business, committed to growing, expanding, and diversifying their brand. SD Biosensor is looking forward to working with American Diabetes management in order to create more innovative options and opportunities for patients, doctors, and caregivers.

“We test all products before presenting them to our customers,” says Robert Friskney, Director of Marketing for American Diabetes Services, Inc. “By doing so, we’ve found SD Biosensor meters to be superior in accuracy, quality and reliability. We’re excited to partner with a company that is dedicated to creating innovative ideas for people who need diabetes supplies in their everyday lives.” Recently, SD Biosensor has launched their newest Blood Glucose Monitor, the GlucoNavii, and is offering this product to all American Diabetes/Support Plus Medical members and consumers. The GlucoNavii is a highly accurate, full featured, no code meter. It has a traditional strip design and insertion, short 5-second test time, small 0.9uL sample size, and it is easy to use. For these qualities and more, American Diabetes fully endorses this product and its brand.

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