United Appliance Repair Launches New Sub Zero and Wolf Official Service Center

United Appliance Repair has launched an official Sub Zero and wolf servicing center, allowing them to rapidly grow.

Online PR News – 20-November-2012 – Los Angeles, CA – United Appliance Repair recently announced the launch of their brand new, authorized Sub Zero and Wolf official service center. This will serve as an official outlet for the repair of Sub Zero and Wolf related products in the Los Angeles area. United Appliance Repair has been serving the Los Angeles area with appliance repair and installation for more than 10 years. The new expansion with this service center allows the company to work closely with both Wolf and Sub Zero to offer a facility that allows businesses in the area to receive quick, authorized repairs of their ovens and refrigeration units.

United Appliance Repair employs a number of trained technicians who have special expertise in working with Sub Zero and Wolf products, and strive to help businesses to maintain the daily function of those products. United Appliance Repair also provides tips to clients to help them to maintain their appliances in day to day use, and avoid future breakdowns that are going to require professional oven repair Los Angeles company. Because United Appliance Repair's employees have been specifically trained in the repair of Wolf and Sub Zero products, they hope to create increased incentive for Los Angeles area businesses to utilize their service.

Sub Zero refrigerators are quite common in many businesses throughout the Los Angeles area, which is one of the reasons why United Appliance Repair sought to open the official service center. At the service center, United Appliance Repair also carries all of the replacement parts for a wide variety of different appliances. Included in their price is the emergency, 24 hour service that they provide to local businesses. Because of the sensitive nature of the materials that are stored in a refrigerator, it is important that the repairs are as quick as possible to avoid the spoiling of food and other materials.

United Appliance Repair does not charge any extra for night time, weekend, or holiday repairs, and take on new jobs 24 hours per day, seven days per week. United Appliance Repair also provides phone consultations to clients after the repair work has been completed, over the phone, to ensure that the appliances receive proper treatment and are able to avoid the repair of the appliance again at a later date. The consultation is free for those that have had appliances repaired through the company, but there is a fee for consultations without repairs accompanying them.

With United Appliance Repair opening the new Sub Zero and Wolf authorized, official service center in the LA area, it gives businesses a 24 hour option on the appliance repair Los Angeles service for Sub Zero refrigeration units as well as Wolf appliances. Since both brands are quite common in restaurants, it is very important that repairs are done quickly to minimize the monetary damage that is done to the business, which is what United Appliance Repair has tried to cater to with their 24-hour service policy. The opening of the service center will provide convenience to nearby businesses and will allow United Appliance Repair to expand their business in the Los Angeles area.

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