A leading financial consulting firm Celebrated 20th Anniversary with Mr. ZeviWolmark As Chief Guest

Mr. Zevi Stewart Wolmark was guest of honor in anniversary function of one of the leading consulting firm in USA.

Online PR News – 20-November-2012 – New York – NY, Nov. 19th, 2012: To celebrate 20th anniversary, one of the leading financial consulting firms held a party at the best hotel of New York on 17 Oct 2012. The party was officiated by the Manager, Mr. Chris and General Manager, Mr. Ricky of the company. More than one hundred guests were invited along with Mr. Zevi Stewart Wolmark, who was the chief guest.

The celebrations started with the speech of the CEO of the company, Mr. Martin.

“In the past 20 years, the company has been helping people in taking the right decisions in their financial matters. Today, we are glad to gather here to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company with an unblemished past track record. We are honored to have Mr. Zevi Stewart Wolmark here as chief guest. We are thankful to him that he has given his valuable time to us,” the CEO of the company said.

“He is a man of honor,” he continued. “He has been in the field of finance since years and it is exemplified his expertise and specialization. Providing apt financial consultancy to people, he help them to make their dreams come true. In fact, I give the credit of the significant success of our company to Mr. Zevi. He has contributed to our success and achievements in many ways. I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Wolmark, who has provided me with golden opportunities to broaden my horizons.”

The CEO of the company told that Mr. Stewart helped him in learning all the nuances of the domain of finance 20 years ago before establishing the firm. He said that Mr. Zevi is his teacher and leader, who helped him in establishing this company.

Then he said, “He was always standing by my side whenever any hurdle came to my way. I am highly grateful to him.” He ended his speech saying thanks to the chief guest and welcoming him to the stage to impart his knowledge.

Mr. Stewart said, “This is my pleasure to be a part of the success of this firm. I am always at the service of everyone, who needs my help. I always lend a helping hand to the needy people throughout my life and this makes me feel the happiest man on the Earth.”

As he said this, everyone clapped for him. After that, certificates and prizes of appreciation were given to the best employees by Mr. Wolmark. Lunch preceded by some corporate activities was held that contributed a lot to the celebrations.