Cheap Business Calls bring business call costs into the 21st century

Kent-based Cheap Business Calls have unveiled a range of business call costs calculated to put the cat among the market-leading pigeons.

Online PR News – 30-March-2010 – – Faversham, Kent, Mar 30 2010 – Kent-based Cheap Business Calls have unveiled a range of business call costs calculated to put the cat among the market-leading pigeons. Industry big birds must be frantically revising their own business models, after the Keypoint Communications-run service provider revealed the UK’s first truly transparent business call costs in a tariff that turns the commercial ‘phone services market on its head.

Cheap Business Calls are abolishing hidden business call costs, setup fees and lengthy contracts, in favour of a business call costs procedure that charges customers for what they use, with no punishing additional fees.

A “normal” business call costs fee structure (exemplified by the soon-to-be-outmoded heavy hitters in the industry) makes money by levying minimum call charges, extracting (Cheap Business Calls’ initiative is starting to make this look like “extorting”) monthly rental fees and applying fluctuating charge levels to calls. On these traditional business call costs, companies may find they are being charged anything up to double their basic call charge depending on time of day. Factor in the minimum call length invoiced by the major players and a company can find, in a worst case scenario, its business call costs rocketing to an astonishing 54 times their actual worth.

In comparison, the business call costs listed on the new Cheap Business Calls plan represents a potential saving of 80%: nothing to sniff at in these troubled economic times.

Since the floor fell out of the financial world, the 21st century has defined itself as a new economic era: Britain faces a record deficit; the world markets stagger from their knees to their feet and back down to their knees again; and businesses across the UK fold daily under the weight of insupportable costs. With business call costs now shown to be anything between 80% and (in the worst case scenario outlined above) over 5000% unjustifiable, it looks as though Cheap Business Calls are taking the lead in dragging the commercial ‘phone service market into the modern world. Simply put, businesses can no longer survive under the burdens of punishing service contracts and wasted minutes.

The response from the industry is as yet unclear: Cheap Business Calls remains one of the only companies in the UK that offers these unique “modern” business call costs, and none of the traditional major providers seem to be coming close to matching their tariff. For the business user, at least, this revolution in business call costs is a first chance at a new lease of life - in a lot of small business cases, at least, Cheap Business Calls’ initiative is a real rope thrown to a whole host of drowning companies – but for the commercial ‘phone market it’s nothing less than an atom bomb. The comfortable boom-time days of 20th century charge padding are over. A brave new world is dawning on business call costs – and the sun, for now, is exclusively Cheap Business Calls.

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Cheap Business Calls is a product of Keypoint Communications. The sole aim of the business is to provide flexible alternative telecommunication solutions for all sizes of business, with a special team dedicated to the small and medium framed companies.