Author and Speaker Barry Spencer Gave Keynote Address to Kings Ridge Christian School

Author, entrepreneur, and speaker Barry Spencer gave the keynote address at Kings Ridge Christian School. Mr. Spencer presented to students and faculty "No Regrets School to Career Success," inspiring the student body to build a successful career without regrets.

Online PR News – 20-November-2012 – Alpharetta, GA – Barry Spencer, an Alpharetta, GA entrepreneur, author and speaker, gave the keynote address to the high school student body, faculty and staff of Kings Ridge Christian School on Monday, November 5, 2012.

Kings Ridge Christian School asked Mr. Spencer to speak at their Career Day event. The school is committed to preparing their students to achieve success after graduating from high school and entering higher education. As part of their efforts to ensure students’ success, the school district will construct a new building for the high school as well as a “Career for Life Impact Center,” which will help students prepare for success in both their careers and lives.

Their commitment to helping their students achieve holistic success was a great fit for Mr. Spencer’s message. Barry Spencer delivered a presentation on “No Regrets School to Career Success,” which was written to educate and inspire the student body to build a successful career path with no regrets. Mr. Spencer’s 3 Key Lessons to accomplish this goal come from his personal experience as well as the real life stories of distinguished leaders.

No Regrets School to Career Success

"Barry spoke to the students with high energy, interactive questions, and stories from his life experiences, and they were engaged with his presentation. I found him to be very accommodating, and afterward, I was very pleased with his address. I would heartily recommend Barry as a speaker." — Bob Montague, High School Principal.

Audience members were similarly impressed and inspired by Mr. Spencer’s speech:

One audience member said, "Your success story inspires all of us to never give up and that no one can cap our potential."

An attendee said, "It was so cool to see how a normal person can defy the odds and prove the people who told them otherwise wrong."

Another attendee said, "I appreciate that you are sharing your knowledge with others, so they may become prosperous."

An attendee said, "Barry's talk was very inspiring."

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About Barry Spencer: Barry Spencer is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, and creator of Wealth With No Regrets, based in Alpharetta, GA. Using his extensive experience in the challenges and concerns of wealth creators, Barry shows families how to have Wealth With No Regrets.

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