The Gallery London Announces Addition of Mary Knowland's Art Works

The Gallery London took pride on the works of Mary Knowland, a studio based artist currently working and living in Oxfordshire.

Online PR News – 20-November-2012 – Hither Green London – The Gallery London took pride on the works of Mary Knowland, a studio based artist currently working and living in Oxfordshire. Aside from her, the company also takes care of the works and crafts of various artists on the area.

Mary Knowland is one of the popular studio based artist in Oxfordshire. She is originally a trained potter and she worked with clay for many years. However, she obtained a course in textiles and it was the reason why she returned to her drawing and painting roots. Her father has been a painter so even if she worked as a potter, drawing and painting has always been a part of her and it is the center of all her works as an artist.

Mary Knowland is a known painter of land, water and the human figure. She is using it as the theme for her works. She always keeps the figure unique and she uses the various forms of land and water to create her work of art. She wants to grasp the refinement of every lines and space on the human form so she chose it as her theme in her artworks. She works with representational or abstract forms and she wants to convey something of the person’s humanity and presence on her work.

In the past, there are also a lot of painters who focused on the human body and experimented in using nature as the background. According to popular painters, the human body is the origin of everything so using it as the theme for a specific artwork, whether it is painting or sculpture, can really be a piece of art in the end.

The Gallery London currently holds a lot of local artists on their gallery. The company provides a beautiful and affordable gallery space to exhibit the work of artists in their art gallery located in South East London. They allow renting of their gallery space while providing help in promoting the art works of artists to build up their reputation. With the help of social media promotions, discounted framing as well as private viewings, they will help build up the reputation of these artists on the web. The Gallery London have enough experience in social media, website design and SEO and promotion so they can guarantee that the artworks will be exhibited and promoted carefully to build the reputation of the artists on the web.

Mary Knowland is only one of the popular local artists who placed their trust on the company. The website of The Gallery London actually contains all of the works of their artists. It means that all of their artworks are already accessible on the Internet. The people who are interested to view the artwork collection of the gallery can see the pictures of the artworks on their official website. Aside from promotion, The Gallery London is also a market place for artworks. They are actually selling the art works of their artists by promoting them online and help them build a name on the art industry.

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phone – 0208 852 8881
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