Historic Hotels of Egypt Launches New Website in November of 2012

Historic Hotels Of Egypt is delighted to announce the launch of its new experiential website that encourages visitors to spend more time interacting online.

Online PR News – 20-November-2012 – Garden City – Historic Hotels of Egypt offers first-class service to those interested in seeing those vitally important to the history of Egypt. We are pleased to announce the launch of a new experiential website at HISTORICHOTELS.COM.EG that encourages visitors to spend more time interacting with the company online. The aim of this site is to get tourists and other interested persons engaged and involved in exploring and learning about these extraordinary landmarks.

Egypt is pursuing a project to identify and designate nine of its most iconic hotels as Historic Hotels of Egypt. The new website is fresh, fun, interesting, and easy to use. It contains useful information and eye-catching graphics, and it has been designed with the user firmly in mind, so that our customers will find it easy to navigate the site.

The Historic Hotels of Egypt is owned by the Egyptian General Company for Tourism and Hotels (EGOTH) and Chaired by Eng. Essam Abdel Hady. It is a subsidiary of the state owned Holding Company for Tourism, Hotels and Cinema (HOTAC), which has been recognized for the significant historical and architectural work it does. The HOTAC has received praise and admiration from a number of popular figures of the last century, including Sir Winston Churchill, Princess Diana and Agatha Christie.

Although we wanted to keep the look and feel of Egyptian history on the website, we also ensured the graphics and user-friendliness of the site were not harmed, as was recently explained by Chairman Eng. Essam Abdel Hady when he was interviewed about the launch of the website. We are convinced that we have accomplished this task and are quite sure that you will be also. The site incorporates the most advanced technology, so that you will have little problem in searching and surfing through its corridors. Some of the new features the Historic Hotels Of Egypt's website includes mainstream social media links, review links such as TripAdvisor, Facebook ,Youtube and twitter . Since their launch on November 1, 2012 they have seen nearly 2,000 visitors and have had over 12,000 page views.

Abdel Hady has also stated: "We are proud to announce the launch of our new Historic Hotels of Egypt collection and of the new web-site. The iconic hotels within this collection play an important role in Egypt's history and it is our mission to preserve these exquisite national treasures. With significant investment and dedicated restoration projects for each of these landmark properties over the next three years, we will ensure that these prestigious hotels stand glorious for generations to come, whilst still retaining their individuality."

Historic Hotels of Egypt (www.historichotels.com.eg) boasts a number of exciting features that embrace visitors' passion points and provides a technically-advanced and user-friendly environment for exploring the brand's portfolio of 9 exquisite hotels in more than 4 Cities in Egypt. The look, feel, and practicality of the website, as well as its rich, high quality images and content, make it one of the best interactive sites you are likely to find on the web. Visit today to find out more about the Historic Hotels of Egypt.

For more information please visit http://historichotels.com/