Boston Insulation Contractor Provides Tips On What To Consider For A Cold Home

Dolphin Insulation has advice for homeowners with questions about how to make a cold home warm this winter season

Online PR News – 19-November-2012 – Boston, MA – Dolphin Insulation, a Boston Insulation contractor has been helping homeowners in Massachusetts for several years manage the seasons and keep their homes comfortable.

With the start of the winter season just around the corner, many homeowners are beginning to realize that their homes are either getting cold, drafty or both, making their homes uncomfortable. With so many options and misconceptions, the experts at Dolphin Insulation have come up with a number of educational tips on what to think about before making a decision on how to tighten up a home;

Look for different temperatures around the home: If there is a drastic difference in temperature from one room to the next or between floors, there is a problem with the way the home is protected against cold and heat. This may be the first sign of an issue.

Ice dams: If a home has ice dams then it’s more likely than not there is a problem with the way the home is insulated and the air flow. Ice dams can be extremely costly to a homeowner and can cause extensive damage if the root problem is not taken care of.

Start at the top: Always insulate the top of the home (The Attic) first. Heat rises so insulating the top of the home keeps much of the heat in and protects the home. Other parts of the home require insulation as well but the top of the home is most important.

Not so fast on windows: Many homeowners replace windows first, only to still have a cold home. It might go against conventional wisdom but there are more effective ways to make a home warm before costly windows.

Building science: A home needs to work together with all its parts. Find a professional that understands how the whole home works in concert. That includes, heat, cold, sound protection and green methods. Contractors that have studied building science and certified will provide a homeowner with the best results.

About Dolphin Insulation:
Dolphin Insulation is located outside of Boston in Littleton, Massachusetts. The insulation contractor offers a number of services including insulation, air sealing and whole house systems. All team members are schooled and certified through the Building Performance Institute and understand that a home is a system and needs to work together with other parts of the home. Dolphin Insulation is a family-owned and operated business. Find out more at: target="_blank" class="highlight_link"> or 800-987-8815.

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