Australian Author Saves Christmas with No Problem! Strategies

Want to reclaim the “true meaning of Christmas” yet are plagued by anxiety and burn-out during the holiday season? “Superhero Librarian” Elizabeth Hanley comes to the rescue in her book "No Problem! How to Focus on Solutions" with tips for creating a less stressful holiday.

Online PR News – 26-November-2012 – Staunton, VA – Everybody talks about it, and everybody wants it. “Superhero Librarian” Elizabeth Hanley comes to the U.S. with real tips for creating a less stressful holiday. To economic difficulties, family dysfunction, or time constraints, Hanley says: “No Problem!” Elizabeth’s four simple tips help anyone deal with any problem, even the overdoing of the holidays. Hanley states, “…when it comes to dealing with difficult problems, most of us have no plan and we just don’t know what to do.”

No Problem!

Elizabeth Hanley’s book "No Problem! How to Focus on Solutions" can become a guide for handling difficult situations, as well as finding value in adversity. A few years ago Hanley was struggling with some very difficult problems which all seemed to fall on her one after the other. No sooner did she get over one problem and another would bring her down. As a librarian with access to thousands of books, Elizabeth used her researching techniques to analyze what the experts and bestselling self-help authors had to say about problem solving. She distilled her ‘Four Simple Tips’ from such authors as Dr. Phil McGraw, Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins, Steven Covey, Susan Jeffers, and M. Scott Peck.

Hanley found that the core message of problem solving came down to a simple formula which she calls, the ‘Four Simple Tips':
1. Define—see it as it is, not worse than it is.
2. Own—take control and feel the power
3. Truth—face the truth to see solution.
4. Balance—check the bigger picture.

From these tips she was able to form a clear-cut problem solving plan to assist her in her own life and as well as help others. Hanley offers all who are stuck in a rut of “too-busy, too-tired or too-financially strapped to improve our life” mentality a way of moving from “Oh NO!” to "NO PROBLEM!" With Christmas around the corner, use these tips from No Problem! to turn anxiety about the season into serenity and joy in the moment!

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"No Problem! How to Focus on Solutions"
Author Elizabeth Hanley
Publisher Livre Press, 2012, ISBN: 978-0-615-63499-9
Available through Amazon, Book Clearing House Fulfillment and Distribution, and

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