Debt Management Expected to Rise with Stealth Tax

Demand for debt management seen as rising with the stealth tax ready to come in effect.

Online PR News – 30-March-2010 – – London(Ask4debtconsolidation): In the recent reports from financial services sector of UK, the chancellor, Alistair Darling has been accused by George Osborne of not mentioning the information about 'stealth tax' in his budget speech. According to the assumptions, this tax could affect about 30 million regular earning people.

Hence, if the policy of extra tax will be imposed over the individuals with tight budget, many are expected to avail a debt management help.

The shadow chancellor has recently stated that Alistair Darling has skipped out on the topic of one of the largest tax measures in his speech.

He also said that this tax rise is going to hit about 30 million people because Alistair Darling spoke about the freezing of personal allowance last autumn when the inflation was on its negative side. But, in the current scenario, its 3.7% on the PRI.

If this tax policy comes in effect than every individual would be paying £50 on per year basis over the base tax rate.

The rise of duty over the products like tobacco, fuel and alcohol would also disturb the individuals.

By next year drivers are expected to deal with the rise of three pence per litre of petrol and same kind of hike could occur among the cigarette consumers.

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