Blackberry again takes a big leap with the release of Onyx

Once again one of the leading brands, BlackBerry took the smart phone market by surprise by rolling out its new product Onyx with several operators.

Online PR News – 30-March-2010 – – One of the latest RIM devices rolled out in to the market is the BlackBerry Bold 9700, or the “Onyx.” The handset has been released with AT&T, T-Mobile, Vodafone, Bell, Rogers and plenty more.
There are plenty of things that this small and compact power house carries in it. Some pretty nifty attributes of this handset includes a decent storage memory of 256 MB, so as to provide support for more apps, a faster processor (624 Mhz),for a good computing and executing speed, a camera, which is upgraded to 3.2 mega-pixels, along with the classy yet stylish out-look that it bears.
The handset is slimmer as compared to the other smart-phones in the market and has a optical trackpad with a jazzed-up style. However, there are plenty of segments of this handset which are kept intact so as to keep the BlackBerry essence alive, like the keyboard, which has been hardly changed and the classic leather backing. This handset runs on the latest version of the operating system (Version: 5.0).
The entity has launched the handset to just about every GSM carrier in North America and Europe. Where, AT&T has stated that they will be providing the handset at around $199, after a rebate of $100, T-Mobile didn't revealed any price tag but stated that one would be able to make unlimited calls off Wi-Fi for $10 per month. AT&T did not made any promises like this.