Heirloom Coffee LLC announces new contract to distribute Freshly brewed Ready-To-Drink, Iced Canned Coffee in the US

Heirloom Coffee LLC, one of the largest distributors of South East Asian coffees in the United States, importer of a wide selection of coffees, including naturally low caffeine coffee and several varieties of world famous Kopi Luwak and G7 instant Coffee, is announcing commercial availability of the new line of Ready-To-Drink Iced Coffee from Highlands Coffee

Online PR News – 30-March-2010 – – Medford, MA ---
HEIRLOOM COFFEE, LLC announced today the introduction of a new Ready-To-Drink Vietnamese Iced Coffee beverage in an 8 ounce can. Highlands Coffee (Division of Viet-Thai International Co., LTD) has named Heirloom Coffee as the initial USA Distributor for their introduction of the new Iced Coffee line that has been successfully introduced in 21 countries worldwide since its first production in December 2009.
The Ready-To-Drink (RTD) Iced Coffee is created from intense, fresh-brewed Highlands Vietnamese Coffee and a combination of skim milk and non-dairy creamer for a rich but light touch on ice. The 8 ounce can reproduces the typical serving size of a traditional Vietnamese Iced Coffee as served in cafés across Southeast Asia, including Highlands Coffee’s 60+ coffee shops dotting the landscape and cityscapes of Vietnam’s popular tourist and business destinations.
The Vietnamese Iced Coffee is available in two variations, Iced Coffee Black and Iced Coffee with Milk.
Black coffee in Southeast Asia usually includes sweetener but is less sweet than a coffee with milk or cream. The Black version is stronger and less sweet than the Iced Coffee with Milk.
Highlands Coffee invested two years in R&D to create an RTD coffee that truly captures the strength and freshness of fresh-brewed Vietnamese-style coffee (brewed one cup at a time at the diner’s table in a traditional metal filter called a Phin). Unlike many RTD coffee drinks made from extracts and milk concentrates or powders, the Vietnamese Iced
Coffee with Milk has a unique fresh taste due to the use of fresh-brewed coffee dispensed directly into cans with a blend of skim milk and non-dairy creamer that produces a consistency over ice that is smooth and light. Heirloom Coffee, LLC has performed initial tests with focus groups and found enthusiastic acceptance for the products across all consumer demographics.
“In fact,” says Len Brault, CEO of Heirloom Coffee, “We had a hard time keeping any stock on the initial test runs. Our employees and visitors continually drank any of the product that wasn’t hidden. We found we couldn’t keep the samples in a refrigerator or any visible shelves, or they would be gone soon.”
Within three months of the product’s introduction, VTI has sold 30 full containers to over 17 countries. A prominent beverage distributor in Australia called the product line “Blockbuster” and ordered 2 containers in October a full two months before the initial final production run.
Heirloom Coffee expects success for the new product line in convenience stores, mini-marts, groceries and supermarkets, and has recipes and serving suggestions for restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream parlors, etc. who would like to offer specialty drinks such as Vietnamese Coffee Ice Smoothies.
Mr. Brault, whose company has been marketing Vietnamese coffee to the USA since 2005, feels “Highlands Coffee Vietnamese Iced Coffee is an idea whose time has come. Every year tens of thousands of visitors to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand come back with fond memories of intense and delicious Vietnamese Iced Coffee as served at cafés across Southeast Asia. This is not a typical American Coffee-in-a-Can. It’s an intense, fresh, naturally lifting and refreshing drink for any time of year. Repeat customer satisfaction is off the charts in comparison to the control products in our test tastes.”
Details on Highlands Coffee RTD Vietnamese Iced Coffees can be found at www.vietnamese-coffee.com. For commercial inquiries please call in the US 781-391-2255
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Heirloom Coffee, LLC, Medford, MA, USA, 781-391-2255