OA Marketplace: A New Way For Online Auction

OA Marketplace, a subsidiary of Calutech, Inc, Illinois, has launched a new website (http://www.onlineauctioning.com) for online auction. The website offers many innovative and convenient solutions to most of the problems of conventional online auction. It provides a wide-ranging selling market place for genuine sellers and, in the process, attracts genuine buyers.

Online PR News – 30-March-2010 – – OA Marketplace, a subsidiary of an Illinois-based corporation Calutech, Inc, has launched a new website (http://www.onlineauctioning.com) for online buying and selling. The website was officially inaugurated on 24 February 2010. Within a month of its launch, the website has attracted a large number of customers who want to buy and sell.

The success does not surprise Doug Freitag, Vice President of Calutech, Inc. He is quite confident that the painstaking research and hard work put in by the team are sure to pay rich dividends. “This is not yet another e-Bay clone,” he says. According to him, the website offers a genuine selling market place for the sellers and an easy place for the buyers to bid for products.

The website, he says, is not the result of an instant idea or a sudden inspiration based on the success of some other website. He says his team has spent eight years in making the website. The initial research started in 2002. The fact that the domain name of the website was registered in 2002 confirms her claim.

The main problem the team faced was the ever-changing and volatile platform of the Internet. The technologies and trends prevalent eight years ago are now unrecognizably outdated. The team, according to him, was determined to build a lasting, yet innovative, platform for online bidding and seller shopping.

Mr. Freitag is now happy that eight years of research and sheer hard work are now bearing fruit. The team tried hard and succeeded in perfecting every section of the website so that customers find the website a breeze, he claims. A testimony to his claim is the large number of categories in the website. There are products in the website listing over 100,000 categories.

For example, he explains, for automobiles, the customers can find many categories. Apart from the usual categories of cars and trucks, there are subcategories based on the manufacturing and model. One can find vehicles that were made in 1929 listed on the website.

Mr. Freitag says his research team has done their homework on business model. It was tempting to offer the services for free. However, the researchers are aware that good businesses are based on a good business plan, not on charity. The website charges 10 cents from the sellers for listing their products on the website. This is for basic listing. If the businesses that want to sell the products through the website want promotion on the website, such as home page banner or listing in the featured items page, they have to pay extra. He says the promotional charges not only generate revenue for the website but also keep the fraudulent operators away.

The website has interesting features for those who want to bid for products. Auction detective is a cool feature that will automatically search for products based on the user’s preferences. He adds that the new website will surely provide a new experience for the users in seller shopping and bidding.