The Hifi Page Launches DIY, Resource and Info Blog site

The Hifi Page is a brand new blog site to take the nonsense out of buying and using quality hifi.

Online PR News – 30-March-2010 – – The Hifi Page is a brand new blog site to take the nonsense out of buying and using quality hifi. The editors are a bunch of enthusiasts who have been in the industry for many years, and are true experts in their fields. They have a combined 30 years of experience in high-end electronics, both within industry and home audio fields. They have decided to put their knowledge and experience together to cut through the jargon that so commonly crowds the internet, and to break it down to easily understandable concepts for the common user – you.

Dan Mason, one of the contributing partners of the site, is keen to show you what the hifi industry doesn’t want you to know. These days, more and more focus is put on marketing and hype for the numerous bells and whistles of products, such as speakers and other equipment or basic hifi shelf designs. But it’s still the fundamentals which drive performance and quality. Dan is one of the leading internet writers on hifi, hifi performance, diy audio racks and audio reviews, having contributed to a number of respected blog sites and publications. You can be certain that from a single visit to the site, you will come away with more knowledge and experience than you will gain from hours of reading on the internet. His concepts are logical and easy to understand for the layperson. For example, one of the top topics currently presented on the HiFi Page is an article about a DIY audio rack, which carefully presents all the materials and products needed to manufacture a professional DIY audio rack at home.

Ed Gonzalez is another contributor with extensive technical knowledge and experience. He has worked in the communications infrastructure industry for a great number of years, and has designed and built numerous transmission systems for government, military and civil applications. His knowledge in areas such as digital transmission, noise control and coding is highly regarded in his niche, so you can be sure that his guides on hifi come from years of cutting edge engineering experience.

Other contributors include those who have worked in hifi, high end audio, pro audio, recording studios and as sound engineers.

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