Glasgow Cosmetic Dentistry challenges the world’s best Cosmetic Dentists

I truly believe that my team and I have solved the most frustrating problem in Cosmetic Dentistry today and we are delivering world class smiles right here in Glasgow, Scotland.

Online PR News – 03-July-2009 – – Glasgow, UK - It is a bold claim, but made with a degree of quiet confidence by 7 Glasgow Cosmetic Dentist Dr Attiq Rahman. As Clinical Director of the Visage Lifestyle Clinic in the centre of Glasgow his credentials are impressive, having led the clinic from its inception in 2005 to its current multi-award winning status, culminating in the award for "Smile Makeover of the Year" in 2007.

"There is a fundamental problem in the provision of cosmetic dentistry faced by every cosmetic dentist, not just in Glasgow, Scotland, but around the whole world, no matter whether they are in Harley Street, London, or Hollywood, Los Angeles. The problem is that although cosmetic dentists can spend many long hours designing the smile they wish to create for their patient, ultimately they cannot hand craft the porcelain veneers or crowns themselves. They must hand over that responsibility to a dental technician or 'Ceramist' who must interpret the dentist's instructions and attempt to deliver what the dentist has only imagined. That would be fine if the ceramist actually got to meet the patient and the dentist, and got to see what the dentist sees. There are so many factors that influence the final appearance of a smile, from the shape and movement of the patient's lips down to the shape of their face and even the underlying colour of the natural teeth. However none of these factors can be taken into consideration by the ceramist unless they meet and communicate with the patient and the dentist at all stages of the treatment process".

However in the vast majority of cases the ceramist works in a separate commercial dental laboratory, making veneers and crowns for many different dentists and never actually meets the patient whose smile they are working on. There is normally no contact between the patient and the ceramist and so a huge chunk of information that the ceramist needs in order to create the perfect smile is missing. In actual fact most ceramists never even get to meet the dentist they are making work for.

Today it is fashionable for cosmetic dentists to have veneers and crowns made by overseas labs particularly in the USA, Japan and Italy in the belief that somehow this is benefiting their patients. However it would appear that this only serves to compound the issues already raised by Dr Rahman in that it is even more difficult for a ceramist to accurately interpret what the dentist imagines when they do not share the same language or even the same cultural and aesthetic norms.

Dr Rahman believes he has solved this issue by creating his own in-house dental laboratory and employing as a full time member of his team one of the very few Master Ceramists in the UK.

"It is a prohibitively expensive exercise for a dentist to set up and staff a state of the art dental laboratory for their own exclusive use, however I just couldn’t see a way to take my cosmetic dentistry to the ultimate level without taking this step. I decided to recruit someone who in my opinion is one of the very best ceramists in the country and that had to be Ian Smith".

Ian left a top post in a large commercial dental lab in Devon to join Dr Rahman at his Glasgow cosmetic dentistry clinic.

Ian said, "I began my career in Dental Technology over 15 years ago and have worked alongside some of the most renowned names in Dentistry. My role with Dr Rahman is the pinnacle of my career and is the ultimate service for patients anywhere for predictable results.

In my previous role I worked in a laboratory for numerous dentists, completely detached from any dental practice. This usually meant that I never got to see the patient and I was effectively working blind.

What we do at Visage is completely different and totally unique because I am present from the initial consultation to assist Dr Rahman on the Smile Design, right through to the final appointment when the patient walks out with their perfect smile.

Quite often I will use my artist’s colour palette to add the final colour and natural characteristics to the crowns and veneers while they are being tried in the patient’s mouth. That way I can exactly match the natural teeth in a way that is impossible for any ceramist who cannot work the way we do at Visage. In fact I don’t know of any other clinic where a patient can get this level of commitment and expertise and I am thrilled to be part of it".

There is no doubt that the results speak for themselves and the Glasgow cosmetic dentistry website has an entire section dedicated to the letters of thanks from delighted patients. It would appear that cosmetic dentistry is adapting to the needs of an ever more sophisticated public who are prepared to research and seek out the best. If Glasgow cosmetic dentist, Dr Rahman, is correct then he may well be taking Glasgow cosmetic dentistry to a truly world-class level.

The Visage Lifestyle Clinic brings the very best of London Harley Street into the Merchant City in the centre of Glasgow, Scotland. They combine the latest in cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, dental implants, Botox®, Restylane, Juvederm, Invisalign ® clear braces, cosmetic surgery, laser skin resurfacing, and laser hair removal.