Letter Carrier Sullivan Brill Releases Single 'I'm Homeless'
15 November 2012
Sullivan Brill's I'm homeless is a funky song that attempts to spotlight a silent epidemic in our nation. "I'm homeless is a Christian hip hop tune that sheds light on the plight of homelessness. You hear the well-to-do driver upset with the homeless man's request for help. You feel the urgent need for food, and a place for rest, and security in the chorus. It could happen to anyone," says Brill. He continues,"from an infant to age 10, I was in and out of mother and children shelters. So I have great appreciation for those that try to help." "Recently, in the media, I heard the words economy, and foreign policy, but not the word homelessness." "Foreclosure, as well as a lack of medical insurance with a health catastrophe are problematic. Domestic violence, abuse, and unemployment are other culprits." "It's my hope that the meaning behind the music and the lyrics of this bouncy tune might motivate positive social action on this societal cancer." Sullivan Brill is singer, songwriter, and producer of I'm homeless, and Scan it now. Brill has also created an audio drama. It's entitled Letter, Lens, Looking Glass: A Portland Postman's Radio Cartoon. Sullivan has been a letter carrier for the past five years in Portland, OR. Download your copy of I'm homeless from: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/sullivanbrill2