(Portland,OR) March 26, 2010 Mary DeFeudis of WWT discusses brand endurance

A durable brand is complicated and elusive.

Online PR News – 30-March-2010 – – Branding pervades every global industry, bridging from consumer products to public services and relentlessly attaching to people, places, and even ideas. Solid brands exude consistent product quality, workplace integrity, ongoing innovation, clear social responsibility-and a noticeable lack of controversy.

"Your brand emerges every time there's contact with your customers, growth in your bottom line, an increase in awareness of your company, or a crisis." said Mary DeFeudis founder of WWT.

Owners should define core values for employee ethics, enforce protocols for customer service, specify communications standards that promote a company and have proactive, in-place strategies to defend an image against crisis.

"Your brand- one that forcefully demonstrates how your idea, well funded and aggressively launched, will thrive in a public global economy," added DeFeudis.

Prepare in advance for all types of challenges. A brand that mirrors a company's core values and conveys a consistent, positive experience for stakeholders will endure every obstacle.

About Women Walking Tall
Mary DeFeudis has supported thousands of women in making their dreams come true. She is the President of Women Walking Tall in Portland,OR, her own PR & brand consultancy agency. She has been the instrument that helped catapult her brands presence from 25 markets to 44 markets in the US & Canada. Mary has been featured in various media channels for her expertise in business and entrepreneurship. Defeudis has been published and quoted for her keen insights on cultural and consumer trends. DeFeudis graduated from Columbia University.