Spring Scuba Diving in Key West Off to a Great Start

The winter months are finally behind us and spring scuba diving in Key West Florida is off to a great start with consistent warm temperatures and great visibility on reef and wreck sites

Online PR News – 30-March-2010 – – The onset of spring 2010 in Key West Florida has been great for Key West scuba diving and snorkeling. After a few months of inconsistent weather, Key West diving is back to being great day after day. Warm temperatures, high visibility, and calm waters are the characteristics of the beginning of this year's spring season.

Many consider spring and summer to be the best times for diving and snorkeling in Key West Florida. This is true in that spring and summer see months at a time of excellent weather. While diving in the winter is great, there are those off-days when visibility might not be as high and the temperature requires divers to put on their wet suits.

Water temperatures in Key West have been in the mid to high 70's for the past couple of weeks, some days even going into the low 80's. This is great news for travelers who were worried about the uncharacteristically cold days at the beginning of the year. The warm water temperature not only means divers will feel more comfortable at any depth, but it also means that migratory fish species are back in full swing, giving divers and snorkelers even more to look at during their excursions.

"We have definitely been running our most successful dive trips in the past 2 to 3 weeks," says Key West Dive Center reservations agent Terri Burroughs. "And it looks like it's just going to get better from here. This is as exciting for us as it is for the divers we're taking out!"

The Key West Dive Center is the leading center for Key West diving and Key West snorkeling information and reservations. The center runs daily morning and afternoon dive trips to over a dozen different Key West dive sites including the famous USS Vandenberg shipwreck site, the Cayman Salvager shipwreck, the government-protected Eastern Dry Rocks area, and the stunning Looe Key reef site.

The center works with the most talented, knowledgeable, and helpful crew of dive masters and Key West snorkeling experts. To learn more about Key West diving or to make reservations for certified diving trips, introductory dive trips, certification courses, or snorkeling excursions, visit their website at KeyWestDiveCenter.com. To speak directly with a reservations and information agent, dial 1-866-563-1805.

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