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For some time Drive Medical led the economical home oxygen concentrator market with its Solstice Oxygen Concentrator. Then last year Graham-Field released the new John Bunn Optium Oxygen Concentrator which became the new low price leader. Both were so popular they sold out and have been on back order for months. Now Invacare just released the new Perfecto 2V which may fill the gap created by the unavailability of the Solstice and Optium.

Online PR News – 30-March-2010 – – Salt Lake City, UT (Press Release) Vitality Medical announced today that they added the Perfecto 2V Oxygen Concentrator manufactured by Invacare to their home oxygen concentrator product line. This new oxygen machine is expected to fill the gap created by other low priced oxygen concentrators that have fallen behind in production and are currently unable to meet demand.

The timeliness of this new oxygen concentrator is significant. Many oxygen therapy patients have been waiting for several months for their low priced oxygen concentrator to be shipped due to high demand and insufficient production. Invacare however, has a current stockpile of 5,000 new concentrators ready for shipping. Invacare’s Perfecto 2V is expected to rapidly gain market share against the current market leaders—the Graham-
Field John Bunn Optium Oxygen Concentrator and the Drive Medical Solstice Oxygen Concentrator. For several months these two low priced leaders have been late on shipping new orders. Oxygen patients who have ordered either of these two leading low-priced oxygen concentrators have found themselves frustrated over late deliveries.

Oxygen patients who do not want to wait any longer or who cannot wait any longer now have a new low-price option available. Invacare recently released a new economy version of the Perfecto 2 Oxygen Concentrator called the Perfecto 2V. This oxygen concentrator is being sold for only $742.00 at Vitality Medical, a leading online medical supply retailer. In comparing prices, the Perfecto 2V costs more than the Optium and the Solstice. However, the Perfecto 2V comes standard with the Sens02 oxygen sensor while the other two concentrators have the sensor available as an add-on option. The Optium and the Solstice can be ordered with an optional O2 sensor for an additional cost. When taking into account the price of the O2 sensor, the three oxygen concentrators are similarly priced.

Home Oxygen Concentrator Price Comparison

Optium--$585.00 ($690.00 with sensor)
Solstice--$618.00 ($710.70 with sensor)
Perfecto 2V--$742.00 (with sensor)

The three oxygen concentrators compare similarly in other factors as well. For instance, all three oxygen machines have a maximum oxygen output of 5 liters per minute (LPM). Each concentrator’s weight is similar, weighing within 6 pounds of each other. Noise emissions between the three are only 2 decibels apart. Power consumption is within 25 watts of each other. The warranties on the Optium and Solstice extend for an additional 2 years above the Perfecto 2V. A detailed comparison of these three oxygen concentrators can be found at the following link: Oxygen Concentrator Ratings.

The Optium is still the low price leader currently on the market but availability is pushed off each month. Brad Packer of Vitality Medical expects the sales of the Perfecto 2V to be robust throughout 2010. Brad indicates that “the oxygen concentrators from Drive and Graham-Field are excellent machines that have not been able to keep up with demand. As production for the Optium and Solstice attempt to catch up to meet current demand, we anticipate the Invacare Perfecto 2V Oxygen Concentrator will fill the gap during the mean-time. Consumers who have been waiting for weeks and months for their Optium or Solstice oxygen concentrator will likely find the current availability of the Perfecto 2V to be the deciding factor in their purchase decision.”

Regarding Vitality Medical
As a leading online retailer of medical supplies, Vitality Medical has been serving hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, schools, government and homecare for over 10 years. Vitality Medical currently serves people suffering with diabetes, sleep apnea, chronic pain, incontinence, excess weight, mobility loss, lymphedema, high blood pressure, oxygen deprivation, and a host of other medically related diseases. As a low cost leader, Vitality Medical seeks to help families and institutions on a budget meet their medical supply needs by offering discount and wholesale pricing on medical supplies.

Regarding Invacare
Invacare is the leading manufacturer of home medical supplies and equipment in the United States. They are well known for their mobility products and medical respiratory products, but also provide bathroom safety products, hospital beds, medical protective equipment, incontinence supplies and wound care supplies.

Regarding Graham-Field
Graham-Field is a leading manufacturer and distributor of medical products. Their product lines include long-term care, homecare, rehabilitation and respiratory. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company offers nearly 4,000 products.

Regarding Drive Medical
Drive Medical is a fast growing manufacturer and distributor of durable medical equipment. They manufacture and distribute in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, China, Taiwan, Romania and Canada. They market over 2,500 medical products throughout the world.

Barry Preusz, Marketing & Public Relations
Vitality Medical, Inc.

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