The Online Magazine That Goes Where Others Won't

Online magazine, Vivacini, mushroomed into a uniquely elegant and intelligent lifestyle magazine with an international reach of over 200k in just four months. Publisher Helene Kobelnyk unveils the new personalized content marketing plan for its online magazine advertising.

Online PR News – 14-November-2012 – Ruidoso/New Mexico – When Helene Kobelnyk launched the first issue of Vivacini! on July 13, 2012, she had no idea that in only 4 months, it would mushroom into an elegant and intelligent online magazine with an international reach of over 200,000. She also was not expecting to become a trailblazer and educator in the world of social marketing for publications and other businesses.

With photography as her first love, Kobelnyk turned to building her own publication when a relationship with the local newspaper went sour. "Newsprint is an awful way to showcase your photography and I did not trust that this particular publishing group would be ethical in their use of or attribution for my intellectual property."

Initially a venue for her photography and writing, Vivacini! quickly took its place alongside other posh regional and lifestyle magazines after Kobelnyk added a team of graphic designers, The Creative Partners of New Mexico. "We grew from a 12-page newspaper-type insert, to an almost 40-page publication that is in itself a visually compelling work of art from cover to cover, and that includes the advertisements." Kobelnyk says that she has to remind herself and others that by all accounts, Vivacini! is only a 4-month old "toddler," but one who is now clearly ready to run with the "big boys."

Each issue of Vivacini! is converted into an actual "flipping book" which is hosted on the magazine's official site, The book is compatible with mobile devices and the pages "turn/flip" instead of merely "sliding" on the popular iPAD, so that the reader has the full magazine experience. Excerpts from each feature are posted on the website with links to the magazine. "Everything is hosted on the site. Readers can search for favorite contributors, topics or issues by date, and then be directed to the appropriate issue in booklet format, which incorporates several multimedia features such as pop-up slide shows, videos, audio and printable areas." Kobelnyk empahsizes that readers can also order a glossy cover, coffee-table quality copy of the magazine, and/or download a pdf or zip file for their own printing or reading offline.

In the November 9th issue, Kobelnyk announced in her editorial, "Exclamation Point", that Vivacini! would be moving to a monthly format. "I discovered that most small businesses don't have any idea or are incredibly confused about social networking or marketing, and that makes them vulnerable to scammers who toss about buzzwords like edgerank and branding and charge them a bundle for something they could easily do on their own, and that WE do for them at no additional cost when they advertise with Vivacini." As a result, Kobelnyk finds herself in the role of business coach and marketer to many of her advertisers, and cites this as one of the reasons for moving to a monthly timeline.

"We're really in uncharted waters here. If you look at many of the monthly mags, they offer advertising for businesses in their print versions or on the supporting and official website. But there's no overlap and businesses find themselves comparing "apples" to "oranges" and having to choose one or the other when they could have both."

Along with the new monthly format, Kobelnyk unveiled new marketing upgrades for Vivacini! advertising that includes an optional coaching plan and that covers the "no man's land" between advertising in print, and advertising on the net. Full and half/page ads come with a "micro-page" on the Vivacini! website and include active promotions on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

According to Kobelnyk, most businesses don't understand how and what to post. "Coming up with appropriate content on a regular and timely basis is a daunting task for most business owners." By offering the micro pages, Kobelnyk takes the time to provide meaningful content on relevant networks. "When a business advertises in the pages of Vivacini, we help them build their brand. By getting the magazine out in front of as many readers as possible, their ad gets seen by those readers as well." Kobelnyk indicates that she and her team help the business to design the ads so that readers are encouraged to take a "second look" by going to either their micro-page on and/or to their own website.

"We're very selective with the businesses we work with and the kind of ads we include in the magazine. In this world of fast-moving and fast-talking conglomerates and internet start-ups, we believe there's an important role for Vivacini!. We sincerely care about the welfare of our business advertisers and tailor our marketing to their needs." -- a refreshing concept in a world of canned solutions.

VIVAcini! is an online magazine with download and print-on-demand options. The New Mexico based lifestyle magazine focuses on a lifestyle that both seeks and reflects Intelligent Optimism whether in New Mexico, nationally or internationally. The VIVAcini motto and mission is: “A sense of community that knows no bounds.” It is intended to be a vehicle for talented writers, artists and photographers who are passionate about their craft, community and LIFE, and for readers who are inquisitve and unafraid to be introspective.