Using A Quality Scooter Battery Charger Is The Key To Maximize Electric Scooter Battery Life

Different battery technologies require different charging algorithms in order to maximize battery energy storing capacity and prolong battery life. With the launch of the website, electric scooter community can find trusted quality scooter battery chargers.

Online PR News – 29-March-2010 – – Pico Instruments LLC and Qili Power Electronics Co., Ltd. jointly announce the launch of the website to serve the electric scooter community with quality scooter chargers to maximize electric scooter batteries' life.

The battery-powered electric scooter is an environmentally friendly solution to the joy of play and the mobility convenience without generating CO2 pollution into the air. But the challenge to the users has always been how to maximize the life time of the costly sealed lead-acid (SLA) rechargeable battery which powers the scooter.

The high-voltage / high-current output SLA type electric scooter battery can degrade its performance or even be damaged as a result of insufficient recharging, incorrect recharging parameters or simply being left uncharged for a long period of time. 'We constantly receive emails and phone calls from electric scooter users asking what type of battery charger would best work with their scooters in order to prolong the battery life,' said Mr. Shen, President and Founder of Qili Power Electronics Co, Ltd., specializing in designing and manufacturing battery chargers for the SLA type batteries in electric scooter applications. "High power battery technologies such as lead-acid, nickel hydrogen or lithium type require different charging algorithms of varying charging voltage, current and timing in order to maximize the battery's energy storing capacity. The key is to choose a quality battery charger that is specifically designed for the type of chemistry used in the battery."

'With the launch of the website, the electric scooter community can now find the trusted battery chargers right for their scooters. Our battery chargers are made exclusively to work with most of Razor electric scooters,' said Mr. Huang, Executive manager at Pico Instruments LLC.

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About Pico Instruments LLC
Incorporated in Irvine, California in 2005, Pico Instruments LLC is a privately held startup technology company designing and manufacturing innovative high-end portable consumer electronics devices and specializing in baseband hardware, embedded systems firmware and customization on all practical applications.

About Qili Power Electronics Co., Ltd.
Qili Power Electronics Co., Ltd., founded in Dongguan China in 2002, is an ISO-9001 company with 500+ employees, a R/D team of 20+ engineers, and a factory plant of 8,000 square meters. It designs and manufactures high power chargers for lead acid, nickel hydrogen and lithium type batteries, and has been a major OEM battery charger supplier to the electric scooter makers worldwide since year 2004.

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