(Bridgeton,MO) March 25, 2010 Michael Hathman lends insight to credit repair companies

Creditors have tightened their guidelines effectively barring millions of Americans from borrowing money.

Online PR News – 30-March-2010 – – Even those with high credit scores have experienced closed credit card accounts and equity lines. When an account has not been closed, credit limits have been reduced to the current balance due.

Borrowers with low FICO scores can expect to be denied or to pay significantly higher interest rates than those with excellent histories. Long gone are the days of obtaining credit, goods, benefits, services and/or employment with a 620 score. In more instances than not, a consumer will be denied if they maintain a credit score lower than 740. Those with bad histories cannot afford to ignore the potential benefits of credit repair. Absent self-help and the "do-it-yourself" approach, a consumer may hire a credit service organization (CSO) in the restoration of their good name and reputation within the community.

A reputable CSO will assist a consumer in the submission of disputes electronically, verbally and in writing to the Equifax, Experian and Trans Union consumer reporting agencies in addition to creditors, collection agencies, third-party record providers and state, federal, local, or private regulatory authorities.

'A reputable organization should have the edge as they will possess the education, knowledge and a source proven method that is generally unknown to the average consumer."said Michael Hathman founder of Smart Solutions Credit Repair.

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