(Maricopa,AZ) Officer Martice Berry of EEP suggests advance work to protect corporate executives

No executive is immune to crime, assault or terrorism.

Online PR News – 30-March-2010 – – Most Third World cities are classified as ongoing threat environment. With increased incidents of terrorism, hostage taking, and kidnapping, the protection of corporate executives is of extreme importance. The major focus of executive protection is keeping your clients safe to ensure nothing happens. It is up to the advance man or woman to determine the proper and safe logistics are carried out. Study the client’s itinerary, movement and conduct a risk analysis at each site.

Professional advance work means making sure all routes are analyzed, venues and other destinations assessed, rehearsals conducted, dry-runs are made, safe havens setup, airports, entry and departure, scouted and medical facilities examined. These activities positively contributes to a safe and secure environment for your arriving client.Conduct safety, security, and health inspections to ensure all is operating at international standards. Superior advance work performance is key in this day and age.

"Much depends on such factors as the nature of the company's business, where the executives travel, how highprofile they are and how wealthy they are. Corporate leaders in high-tech industries, biotechnology firms, defense contractors and banks might be among those who warrant a closer look." said Martice Berery CEO of EEP.

About EEP
Elite Executive Protection & Ground Transportation LLC (EEP), founded in 2002 by a team of police officers with over 27 combined years of law enforcement experience, is a multifaceted executive protection and ground transportation company. EEP offers comprehensive protection services, executive protection and threat management for corporate, commercial, industrial, entertainment, residential and retail clients.