(Maricopa,AZ) Officer Martice Berry of EEP promotes protection for athletes

The wealth, or perceived wealth of professional athletes makes them attractive targets.

Online PR News – 30-March-2010 – – By lowering their profile, particularly when it comes to public displays of wealth, status or privilege, will go a long way towards reducing the conditions that make them the most vulnerability. Given the average cost of a visit to the emergency room, the surgery, medications, and the stay in the hospital, it has far surpassed the cost of hiring personal protection.

Beyond preventing a physical attack, having a bodyguard or two on hand after a night of heavy partying, would help to arrange to get the athlete home safely. Being found unconscious on a street after a party paints a very negative picture of the individual.

“Unfortunately we live in a day and age that if you have increased public exposure issues, you become a target by criminals”.said Officer Martice Berry CEO of Elite Executive Protection.

If a well know athlete steps out of a night club and is harassed by another patron, the athlete in anger and by being provoked slaps the rude patron, and the next think the athlete knows is he is being sued for assault, and his image takes a ding as the press rushes to sensationalize the situation. A skilled and professional protection specialist could have help avert the situation by acting as the buffer between the two, or even better help avoid the situation from the very beginning. The success of any protection specialist is to never have a confrontation or to quickly get out of one with little fanfare as possible. It is not his job to slam a nuisance to the ground with wreck less abandon.

"A Protection Specialist must seek to prevent embarrassment, indiscretions of a lasting nature, minor altercations as well as serious physical attack; many times this role extends beyond the athlete to include his family also." added Berry.

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