Author-Actress Cancer Survivor Lou Gideon Wraps Her Head Around Solution For Tress-Less Chemo

The holiday season may be all about wrapping, but Lou Gideon hopes that as a Wrap Artist, she can help women going through chemotherapy with wrapping their heads around reclaiming their self-esteem.

Online PR News – 13-November-2012 – Asheville, NC – (Asheville, NC) – On a chilly March afternoon back in 2009, a phone call brought the news that life had cast Actress Lou Gideon in a role she wasn’t prepared to play; that of breast cancer patient. Today she has not only embraced her role of cancer survivor/thriver; but she’s also added Wrap Artist to her repertoire with the release of her new book, That's a Wrap! 29 Easy and Elegant Head Wrapping Styles for the Tress-less Chemo Babe. Written specifically for women facing chemotherapy related hair loss, That’s a Wrap! supports, educates and entertains as Gideon walks her readers through this challenging time. The book is available on Amazon Kindle and through Gideon’s website: http://

Gideon says that her experience was a catalyst for improving her already healthy lifestyle. “My friends commented that my diagnosis was a wake-up call for them, saying that if I could get it, anybody could. But we already knew that cancer often seems to strike with no rhyme or reason. The good news was that we all have a limitless potential for growth when it comes to making wiser choices regarding our body, mind and spirit; and the way I saw it, I had never been standing on more fertile ground to experience that growth.”

Lissa Rankin, MD/Author believes in the wake-up call Gideon speaks of “Loaded with inspiration, hope, and evidence of the indomitable human spirit, this book not only teaches women who lose their hair from cancer how to feel beautiful; it also reminds us that illness, when viewed from a place of empowerment, rather than victimhood, can be a potent opportunity for awakening.”

Sharing what she learned has spawned much support from those working in the field of cancer treatment. “As a physician, I am only too aware that restoring a cancer patient's self-image and self-confidence is as important as administering her chemotherapy. Lou Gideon's eloquently written and beautifully illustrated That's a Wrap! is not only an excellent practical guide, but also a work that will empower you to handle chemotherapy-induced hair loss with dignity,” states Vladimir Lange MD, Breast Cancer Husband Survivor.

Gideon, whose career has spanned soaps to sitcoms and film (and is most known for her villainous role as Danielle Atron from Nickelodeon’s The Secret World of Alex Mack), soon realized that she was facing the demands of chemotherapy’s real-life wardrobe changes.

Because she found wigs to be uncomfortable, and styles available in catalogues and on the internet carried no guarantee of matching her clothing, she decided to tap into her creativity for her own head-wrapping solution while answering a calling to take on the role of cancer- patient-companion. “If only I had this book when I was going through my own treatment. By sharing her humor and incredible style sense, Lou is able to simplify, step-by-step, a look worthy of all the beautiful women out there. It's like having a girlfriend helping you through the process!” exclaims Jan Ping, Cancer survivor/Emmy-Award-Winning Make-Up Artist for Dr. Phil McGraw.

Earleen Bennett, Founder of Beauty Through Cancer, concurs in that she understands the needs of women who are looking for something uplifting in order to move forward with their lives. “Half the battle with cancer and chemo is your attitude, and this book is positively life-changing! It’s so well written, I found myself both laughing and crying from the Lou's wit and honesty. I appreciate her sharing ALL of her journey as well as her head wrapping know-how,” expressed Bennett.

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