New Trends In Shopping Have Fashion Designers Worried

A New Type Of Buyer Is Turning Away From Popular Designer Labels

Online PR News – 03-July-2009 – – As if it wasn't bad enough that the global recession was taking a huge bite out of fashion industry profits, now new statistics just in from retail vendors is giving them even more to worry about. What they show is the clothing buyers who for decades were virtual slaves to designer labels appear to be finally breaking and shedding their chains. Quite simply, in an increasing number of todays fashion conscious shoppers eyes, traditional designer labels just don't seem to matter like they used to.

Fashion industry analysts are pointing to several causes for the mass exodus of so many once dedicated label slaves and the biggest one is the Internet. No! Its not designer label pirates that are behind the deprogramming of so many label cult followers. Rather, its the emergence of so many new, independent clothing designers who are marketing fresh new designs that carry with them a much higher level of individual artistic integrity.

Among the most glaring examples of this new wave of online fashion design houses that are trashing all the rule books and turning a whole lot of heads while they are doing it is They've made their name designing and creating a refreshing line of internationally inspired ( ) womans dresses made entirely from light, high quality natural fabrics that are anything but run of the mill.

Their refreshingly unique collections draw their collective inspiration from areas of the globe that offer regional color schemes, patterns and cultural flavors that can be captured and incorporated into each individual line. The Caribbean Collection, the Cairo Collection, the Serengeti Collection, the Lillie France Collection and the Montreal collection are all perfect examples of this unique design concept that appears to be the fuel propelling this line quite well.

However; Dandyline is but one amongst many of these inspirational new clothing lines that that are now offering fashion conscious, free thinking clothing shoppers new alternatives to the more staid labels that have dominated the market for so long. New looks, new concepts and new alternatives are what this new trend in fashion is all about and judging from the publics response, they like whatt they are seeing at these new online fashion design houses.

On a related note: As the global economy begins to emerge from this economic recession, it is expected that both domestic and overseas sales figures for independent online clothing lines will continue to increase.

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