(Andover,NJ) March 29, 2010 Integrity Defender's CEO Eve Mc Cormick discusses the effects of blogging

People may be on the look out for blog posts being written about themselves or a company brand.

Online PR News – 30-March-2010 – – People are going online more and more to research businesses before they buy or when hiring an employee. They're looking for reviews or comments and what people have to say about an individual or business. It doesn't stop at the blog post, however.

"Often times, some of the most passionate and/or nasty comments will come in the comments sections of these blog posts. If you need to defend yourself or a business, don't overlook what people are saying in the comments themselves." said Eve McCormick CEO of Integrity Defender.

Some people can just get plain malicious, and these people will do what they can to ruin an individual or business. Alerts can be set up which will often help encounter any negative words being put out there. Another thing to take into consideration is that any blogger or journalist that has a negative opinion about an individual or business which can easily end up ranking high in search engines based on the authority that the search engines have deemed them worthy of holding. Even if their information is inaccurate, they can have large readerships and lots of links, and a reputation can quickly spiral out of control.

"You can try to optimize your own positive stuff for what your negative attention is ranking for." said Eve McCormick CEO of Integrity Defender. "The good news about this is that unless someone has a personal vendetta against you, they will probably not dwell on you or your business like you would, so in time negative results can possibly be overcome." she added.

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