Credit Score Rating Video Answers Important Credit Score Questions

In support of it’s recently launched Search Box; Credit Score Resource has released a short promotional video explaining how to get answers to the most pressing credit score rating questions.

Online PR News – 12-November-2012 – Minneapolis, Minnesota – Credit Score Resource has just released a video explaining how anyone can benefit from inquiring about credit score ratings. The video also explains how consumers can use Credit Score Resource’s comprehensive search function to access the best credit score information on the web.

With no affiliation with credit reporting agencies, credit repair retailers or other corporate sponsorship, Credit Score Resource offers no nonsense advice aimed at helping the consumer obtain credit reports, understand credit score ratings, or improve damaged credit.

Credit Score Resource is the only website of it’s kind to partner with Google’s Custom Search which offers unmatched access to the financial industry’s best advice on credit score ratings information. Simply typing a question or topic into the search box yields specific, useful answers. All the answers have been written and compiled by credit counselors, licensed accountants and leading authors in the credit and finance industries.

Ethel Wilson, Contributor and Editor of Credit Score Resource comments, "There is a lot of confusion from misleading information and confusing instructions, even from the credit bureaus themselves. Unfortunately, people get caught up in this misinformation and end up paying for things they don’t really need. This short video is meant to inform people that credit help is out there and it doesn’t cost anything. You just have to visit our website, type in your question and your answer comes up."

With the new search function there is no waiting for answers, no paying for help and best of all, no misinformation. Credit Score Resource takes the guesswork out of credit score rating information. is the only completely free credit score rating information website run by credit specialists. Get answers to your credit related questions clearly and intelligently with facts and examples.

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