(Andover,NJ) March 30, 2010 Integrity Defender's CEO Eve Mc Cormick advises businesses to monitor their online reputation

PR disaster is much more likely to strike when the business itself does not monitor its online reputation.

Online PR News – 30-March-2010 – – In this age of fast-moving information and technologies, it is extremely important for businesses to protect online reputations. If your business is not actively involved in the conversation, your reputation will be left up to what others say about it. Online reputation management is often focused on from the perspective of the individual. There is good reason for that too, as plenty of jobs have been lost, or never gotten in the first place, based on what managers have found online about individuals.

"Tools are there to use. Don't ignore them. Otherwise, it might be you or your company somebody tweets about something you've done to them or having a poor product, leading to all of their followers seeing the negativity and possibly blogging about it which can then be linked to, and so on and so forth." added McCormick.

Google and other search engines are certainly still important factors as well. Google will crawl some sites and blogs as often as every 30 minutes, give or take. There's no question that online reputation management is an issue that has to be dealt with for many.

"Just because you Googled your business last month and everything looked fine does not mean the same could be said today. Depending on the case, you can try contacting webmasters or bloggers about removing things if you think you can give them good reason to do so. Don't bother asking Google. They will not remove content." said Eve McCormick CEO of Integrity Defender.

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