Chef-Run Demonstration Of Cook-Chill Techniques And European Catering Equipment In Melbourne Soon

The Australian catering equipment supplier Phoeniks is organizing a new demonstration of ccok-chill method and catering equipment in Melbourne on 26, 27 & 28 November.

Online PR News – 12-November-2012 – Melbourne, Victoria – Working in partnership with Advantages Commercial Kitchens, Phoeniks will introduce innovative catering equipment melbourne. Indeed, the catering equipment supplier is bringing the “Flexichef” to this demonstration. More precisely, Flexichef is a state-of-the-art piece of catering equipment designed for catering industries by MKN – one of the European leaders in building catering equipment. Such catering equipment enables catering chefs and managers of catering businesses to do many things at a time. Thus, Phoeniks will expose a new cooking technique – cook-chill system – that is used in many European catering industries. Australian hospitality businesses have begun to adopt this technical cooking solution. Yet, it requires reliable catering equipment.

Cook-chill technique combined with innovative catering equipment
What is the cook-chill technique actually? It deals with a cooking system which enables catering industries to store large quantities of food while preserving vitamins and trace elements. This involves the cooking of foods in batches (specific catering equipment) and then rapid chilling before being stored. Combined to an efficient piece of catering equipment, the cooking technique reduces labor and food costs dramatically while preserving the whole quality of foods. European catering industries use such a technique combined to efficient catering equipment to abide by food safety laws.

Discovering new catering equipment in Melbourne
To ee new catering equipment and attend this cook-chill demonstration organized by Phoeniks on 26, 27 and 28 November, one can contact this catering equipment on their website. Apparently numbers are strictly limited for this demo. This will take place in Melbourne and Phoeniks will also welcome famous chefs from other famous catering equipment companies. Those chefs are experts in using innovative catering equipment and closely work in coordination with MKN so that they manufacture more reliable and sophisticated catering equipment for the hospitality industry.

Phoeniks: bringing new catering equipment in Melbourne and Sydney
The Flexichef that will be exposed in late November during this demonstration will be then distributed all around Australia. Thus if one is located in Melbourne, Sydney or even another Australian capital city (Brisbane, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Adelaide) and need sophisticated catering equipment for the new year to come, one should know that Phoeniks is a supplier of European high quality catering equipment in the whole country of Australia. Their catering equipment includes large ranges of products specifically designed for commercial kitchens and hospitality industry: pressure bratt pan, combi oven, ventilated ceiling, vegetable cutting machine etc. For the cook-chill demonstration, Phoeniks will also bring an MKN combi oven. Visitors will be able to see the main differences that exist between combi ovens and standard ovens. Indeed, a combi oven cooks much faster than any other type of oven and Phoeniks will show the amazing functionality of combi ovens. As Phoeniks has been distributing combi ovens to Australian catering industries for more than 4 years now, they know a lot about those innovative pieces of catering equipment. They will certainly be proud to present their latest pieces of European catering equipment at the end of the month!

Phoeniks: supplier of European catering equipment

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