An Eternal Romantic book by Sreelatha

An eternal romantic is the product of Dr.Sreelatha mind trying to understand the disease of romanticism.

Online PR News – 11-November-2012 – Ahmedabad/gujarat – An eternal romantic is the debut novel of Dr. Sreelatha. Sreelatha was born and brought up in Rourkela,Orissa to keralite parents, she is the younger of the two sisters. She changed couple of schools before graduating from St. Joseph’s convent in 1990,subsequently completed her graduation from V.S.S medical college ,BurlaSambalpur.

Shreelatha is a writer by compulsion of the muse who invaded her being when she took a deep breather in life on her trip to Accra, Ghana with her husband and children. Since then, she has been completely overpowered by her muse who tricks her into day-dreaming—of turning her writer-poet-doctor-scientist-actress-social worker and lover persona into a being of reality. At 37 years, she has the heart of a child and the mind of an old person. But the rhythm in her pulse is bounding youthful and full of hopes.

An eternal romantic is the product of Dr.Sreelatha mind trying to understand the disease of romanticism.
The story revolves around the main character-Indira, her journey from teenager to a middle aged woman.Despite the various up and down in her love life ,she continues to be in the love with the idea of love.But the first break up brings madness in her life. She gathers herself and moves ahead in life where more heartbreaks awaits for her.Indira surrenders each time to her quest for love but when she resists one time the inevitability of it all imbues her poetic sensitivity.
The book "An Eternal Romance" is developed on the poetic lines of a young girl who has been battered by love many times before she grows into her middle ages. Yes, love is fascinating. Well, onecan say - Love is the most beautiful gift one can have in life. After all, love is that element that has kept the world bonded, although split across by the names of continents.

But then, a true eternal love is hard to find, in fact define can some may !

Shunned by the improbably love that she tries to find for herself, should you or me or in that case, anyone else- just quit from holding the idea that Real Love - that Eternal Love exists ? One should not !Understand the character of Indira and one would fondly adore Indira for her courage to pick up her wits and carry along with a positive spirit.

In the Rockstar film, you might have remembered, "jab takdiltutenaa, tab takdil se awazkaisenikhlegi???" (Until your heart breaks, words resembling true feelings won’t come out)

This one line has a lot of implications in real life.
“In fact, I have pretty much been through similar lines, although I am a boy :P but that doesn't mean I haven't had those heartbreaks. And yes, I understand how words begin to flow thereafter :)”, says one of the founding members of WizKonect.

So, readers read on this formidable story and connect with Indira.

Dear Indira,
You are sound, you are sweet, you are irreplaceable. And if I ever happen to meet her, I would say her, "Indira, just believe. Its hard to find but its always there as the one up there has decided that Eternal Romance for you as well".