New Categories Added to the Online Browser Based Game Website Jogos Gratis

Discover some of the new categories that were just recently added to the online browser based game website known as Jogos Gratis.

Online PR News – 11-November-2012 – 11/10/2012 – Just recently, Jogos Gratis added several new categories to their online, browser-based games. Essentially, these categories allow you access new types of games that are based off specific things that you're going to enjoy. The addition of these categories makes their website much better rounded, with a wide range of diverse games. They have games based off of television shows, games based off comic books and even games based off of movies. Additionally, they have a wide range of sports inspired games as well. This includes sports like football, baseball, basketball, NASCAR and more.

New fight category added to their online games
One of the categories that people really like to browse games on is fighting. People love to fight one another, or at least they do when they can do it through a game. UFC, boxing and cage fighting are popular games on the Jogos Gratis website. Their fighting games allow you to virtually box one another and compete head-to-head, tough boxing fights. This is just one of the many categories that Jogos Online Gratis added to their website and it has been positively received by their users.

New football category added to their online games
Football is something that can mean different things depending on what country you are from. To this online website, football means what Americans call soccer. If you love to play football or soccer, then you should go to the football category of their online game website.

New bike category added to their online games
Love racing but you want to mix it up and race motorcycles? By browsing the bike category, you can find a wide variety of motorcycle racing games where you can compete head-to-head in challenging races were you will have to put the pedal to the floor or you are not going to win the race.

Shooting games
In history, shooting games have always been the most popular types of free browser-based games. If you want to shoot zombies, shoot other people, or just engage in any type of shooting game, they have a category for you. You can find games like Zombies Dead Land, Neo Mech and all sorts of other shooting games that you are going a love. Some of these games are new, others have been around for many years and are on they are on their most popular games list.

Everyone loves Super Mario and the traditional Mario's, so having an entire category dedicated to Mario games is exactly what the Jogos Online Gratis website really needed. Fortunately, if you are a Mario fanatic, they have an entire category dedicated to your interests. Don't forget to check out some of their new Mario games and even some of the top Mario games that they have had for many years.

Puzzle games
Do you like to test your brain and do things that are going to challenge you? Puzzle games are your solution! Jogos Gratis provides many different types of challenging puzzle games where you can test your brain and make yourself have to solve puzzles that will not be easy to complete.

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