New Contact Page with Separate Departments Added to the Pawn Shop Vancouver Website

Find out about the new contact page that was recently added to the pawn shop Vancouver website.

Online PR News – 11-November-2012 – New Westminster, British Columbia – Recently, the RCJ Vancouver Pawn Shop company added several new pages to their website, one of these being a brand-new contact page. The contact page has added innovative ways to get in touch with the company, you can reach any of their departments by e-mail, fax or even telephone as well. They also provided their address for customers to mail in contact request, or to come and visit the shop personally in Vancouver. If you are thinking about pawning one of your items or selling one of your items, the Vancouver pawnshop is the perfect place to do it.

The contact page allows you to contact each of their departments separately
Something that you will find about the new contact page on their website is that you can contact their loans manager, sales manager, office manager or even the president of the company all from the contact page. They have an e-mail address for each department, so that you can easily reach one of their representatives. They also provide a phone number, which allows you to call in and contacted department by specifying which department you are interested in getting in touch with during your call. It's very easy to reach their separate departments, each of them is designated toward a specific task. Just go to to see for yourself.

The loans manager
The loan manager is there to answer all of your questions about loans. If you understand how a pawn shop works, then you know that you can pawn an item to get a loan. Basically, you use your item as collateral, allowing the pawn shop to hold onto it. They will provide you with a loan that is worth the net value of your item, but your loan will also collect interest as well. You can then repay back the loan and you will receive your item back during that time. If this is something that you are interested in, you may want to get in touch with the loans manager at Pawn Shop Vancouver

Sales manager
The sales manager is there for all sales related inquiries. Selling an item to a pawn shop is fairly simple, it's just like if you were to sell an item to anyone else. Basically, you give them your item and they give you cash based off the value of your item. Keep in mind though, you are not going to get full price for your items. Pawn shops have to make money off of the items that they buy and that means that they must be able to resell what you are selling to them, at a higher value than what they're paying you.

The office manager
The office manager is there to handle any web inquiries. For instance, if you are browsing their website and you are having trouble with something and you would like to get in touch with someone about their website, the office manager is who you will want to contact. They handle all of the contact requests aside from loans and sales. Furthermore, if they don't have what you are looking for, you can actually contact the president of the company as well.