launches Personal Affairs Document

London, UK – Locally owned announced today that it has
launched its Personal Affairs Document or P.A.D. for short.

Online PR News – 11-November-2012 – London, England – London, UK – Locally owned announced today that it has
launched its Personal Affairs Document or P.A.D. for short.

Whilst some of the population may have written a Will, there are no statistics regarding
the frequency with which the corresponding details of these Wills are updated.

All Wills regularly need amending when circumstances change, for example addresses,
addition of family members or a change in assets. P.A.D. creates a simple and easily
accessible document that securely stores all these details and much more.

In the event of a bereavement finding and identifying relevant deeds, share certificates, asset
valuations and ownership or insurance papers for probate and inheritance tax purposes can
be difficult enough, compounding an already stressful and emotional situation.

P.A.D. is designed to remove the stress and anxiety in precisely this situation.

For greater convenience, the team is currently working on the
development of a smartphone app. more information is expected to be released in December,

About was established in 2012 and is owned by Len Kushner and Tarryn
Rothstein. Both have a significant heritage in personal and financial matters

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About P.A.D. (the Personal Affairs Document)
The Personal Affairs Document is a new initiative

It is hard to imagine either yourself or your loved ones being in a situation where you suddenly lose someone close to you.
Death is unfortunately one of life's true certainties. So be prepared by purchasing a P.A.D™.
By purchasing and completing a P.A.D™ it will enable you or your loved ones to answer all the questions that need to be answered.

Questions like: Where are the deeds to my house? Where is my Will located? With whom are the bank account s? What are the outstanding balances on credit cards, and what are the credit limits? Who are my solicitors? Who are our insurers?

There are a mountain of unanswered questions when someone passes away and it could take a solicitor up to a year, costing a substantial amount of money to unravel the many answers.

Now P.A.D™ is here! When completed it will answer all these questions and more!

P.A.D™ is easy and simple to complete. It is a published application which is available on line or as a download.

All you need to do is complete the relevant sections; Personal Information; Funeral Arrangements; Work and Bank Details; Professional Advisors; Pensions & Life Insurance; Property / Utilities; Vehicle & Finance; Liabilities and Assets.

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