You can get Abdominoplastia Done at Madrid

Madrid, Spain: The Botox Madrid clinic offers non-operative body treatments for your body peeling to your taste.

Online PR News – 11-November-2012 – Calle Diego de Leon 69 2 º F - 28006 Madrid – Madrid, Spain: The Botox Madrid clinic offers non-operative body treatments for your body peeling to your taste. The body interventions performed most frequently is the liposuction, the breast augmentation with lipotransference and buttock augmentation.

The clinic also provides treatment for eliminar estrias as well as eliminar marcas acne without any surgical interventions. The treatment meted out at this clinic to their patients is a unique kind of treatment which you will not find anywhere.

One of the senior managers remarked thus: “The Clinics Diego de Leon took over 8 years of practicing aesthetic medicine, body and face with excellent results and high customer satisfaction. Since we started with the first clinic in Madrid, we offer facial and body without surgery, and have implemented the latest medical techniques to improve the technique and quality of results. Our doctors are specialized in all kinds of tweaks and treatments, and now offer a wide variety of facials, body treatments, laser, minor surgery and other features.”

The Abdominoplastia is a surgical procedure even though modestly invasive, it aims to do away with the excess skin and fat from the lower abdominal muscles and attempts to perk up the curve, rendering an even stomach and firm.

The lipotrasferencia is a method for Aumento de glúteos sin cirgugia treatment which has the capability to either reshape or enhance the breasts by means of the patient's own fat, which is drawn out from different body areas.

This treatment is one of the non-surgical aesthetic treatments and is natural. The complete treatment is achieved in one session that is the removal of the excess fat and placing it on the chest to get the required shape and size. The lipotransference is an OP procedure and is less risky.

About Calle Diego de Leon:

Calle Diego de Leon is the 1st visual clinic in Madrid devoted to non-operative aesthetic medicine. We opened up the first clinic in 2004 and ever after have treated with the patients from a purposeful standpoint, realistic and very private, affording it that stroke health and dedicating all the time you are worthy of. The schedules are included and the prices are reasonably priced and tender a financing without interest. On this location you can discover information on all the services that is provided in DIEGO DE LEON CLINIC and info of interest and metaphors of medical-aesthetic treatments executed on our patients.

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