Ireland's answer to "Fifty Shades of Grey" launched in Kindle marketplace

Fifty Spades of Hay is a new series of sizzling erotica based in rural Ireland from first time author Sarah Ryan. The first part of the series has just launched in the Kindle marketplace and is set to get pulses racing.

Online PR News – 10-November-2012 – November 09, 2012, Galway Connacht – Set around the Fifty Spades of Hay festival where the richest and mightiest farmers in Ireland compete in a traditional festival to see who can shovel hay from a barn in the least amount of spadefuls, this series of erotic works is intended to show that sexiness and glamour can be found in the unlikeliest of places.

Questions of sexuality, manliness, conservatism and sexual liberation in modern Ireland are raised in the peculiar and enigmatic relationship between Nora, the curious young country girl who yearns for something more than the drunken sexual misadventures at her local pub and Conal, the powerful and cocksure farmer who has a confidence and self-assuredness that is alluring to Notra, yet who hides dark and wicked secrets at his magnificent farmhouse. Described as a Fatal Attraction meets James Bond meets The Field by some critics this refreshing new take on the lives and loves of a people that modern culture has negllected to glamourise. This first series in the Fifty Spades of Hay series aims to do for rural Ireland what novels like "A Year in Provence" did for the South of France and by bringing these characters to life. Finally the people of rural Ireland will be portayed as magnificent and beautiful and beguiling as the landscape where their stories unfold and this hidden misunderstood part of Ireland is revealed to a wider audience as an unpolished gem now cleaned up and gleaming for all to see. A novel of modern Ireland growing up at last, reawakening to seductive new possibilities, unafraid to explore new boundaries - an unmissable read!

With a fascinating range of characters and a keen perspective on the developing and awakening personal and social stories in modern Ireland, this novel is set to both shock and thrill reading audiences across the world. So keep your eyes open for the sizzling adult erotic series that is the "Fifty Spades of Hay" - Ireland’s answer to the erotica craze sweeping the literary world.