Magnetic Push Catches are Popular in Commercial, Residential Applications

Information pertaining to Magnetic Push Catches, including how to use them.

Online PR News – 10-November-2012 – New Hyde Park, NY – When shopping for any type of hardware latch, consumers have multiple options. It is important to make an informed decision, based on what would work best for the application. For example, Magnetic Push Catches are becoming more and more popular in both commercial and residential setups.

There are many reasons why a growing number of people are turning to magnetic push catches as opposed to relying on other options. Here are several of the benefits associated with this type of product:

1. With a magnetic feature, cabinets will always stay closed. This is extremely important in many industries as well as in residential applications.

2. Easy installation. Even those who have never installed magnetic push catches in the past will find that it is quite simple. It is easy to install one of these on a new cabinet or to add it to an existing one.

3. Multiple options. There are many types of magnetic push catches on the market. They vary in size, features, and color. All of which are very important details to consider when making a purchase.

4. Affordable. When compared to other types of hardware, it is easy to see that magnetic push catches are extremely affordable. This is something that most people need to consider when making a purchase, as they don't want to overspend.

4. Suitable for multiple applications including cabinets, furniture door panels, office equipment, and measuring instruments.

A spokesperson for had this to say about the use of magnetic push catches:

"These may not be the only option on the market, but for certain applications - such as furniture doors - it is typically the best. This is why more and more people and company are beginning to consider the benefits associated with magnetic push catches."

In today's day and age, the best way to purchase this product, as well as many others, is via the internet. Those who are shopping for magnetic push catches online are also going to come across other related items including but not limited to: door handles, control knobs, cabinet pulls, and much more.

"We know that people who are shopping for magnetic push catches may also be interested in other products," said the same spokesperson for "This is why we sell a variety of items, ensuring that every consumer gets exactly what he or she is looking for."

Despite the fact that magnetic push catches are growing in popularity, many people need to learn more about these before deciding how they can be used.

Not only can magnetic push catches be purchased for initial application, but when an old magnet breaks these make for a great replacement.

For both commercial and residential application, magnetic catches are growing in popularity. This is saying a lot, since these have always been used in the past.

Anybody who is interested in installing a magnetic push catch should learn more online before making a purchase.

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