Law Firm Bond & Taylor Launches New Campaign to Help Victims of Blood Thinner Pradaxa®

The law firm Bond & Taylor announced a new campaign today to help victims of the popular blood thinner medication Pradaxa®.

Online PR News – 09-November-2012 – Irvine – Irvine, CA, November 08, 2012 -- The law firm Bond & Taylor announced a new campaign today to help victims of the popular blood thinner

medication Pradaxa┬«. Bond & TaylorÔÇÖs talented team of product liability attorneys is offering a free consultation to patients who have

suffered Pradaxa® blood thinner injuries.

Pradaxa® (dabigatran) is a popular blood thinning medication taken by atrial fibrillation patients to prevent the blood clots that lead

to stroke. Manufacturer Boehringer- Ingelheim reports their medication has been expanded for use in 70 countries with a combined

prescription experience of 1 million patient years. However, recent reports of fatal bleeds have led experts to question its safety over

its popular competitor, Wafarin®, which was also riddled with alleged safety complaints.

Manufacturer framed Pradaxa┬« as superior to its competitor because it required less daily monitoring on the doctorÔÇÖs end. However, the

tradeoff has been an increase in alleged internal bleeds that could be potentially fatal. Unlike its competitors, Pradaxa® does not have

an antidote. If patients on Wafarin® experience a bleed, doctors can administer a small shot of Vitamin K to stop the bleed. However,

Vitamin K does not work to reverse the effects of Pradaxa®. No known medication reverses the effects of Pradaxa®. In cases of internal

bleeding, doctors have few options; they can watch their patient die or they can attempt an emergency dialysis, as suggested by

Boehringer- Ingelheim. However, there is no science to suggest that this attempt works.

Partner Andrew Wright notes, ÔÇťWe have heard some horrifying stories of Pradaxa┬« users who have died as the result of a simple slip and

fall. We want to reach out to patients who have suffered Pradaxa┬« injuries and help them as best we can.ÔÇŁ

The law firm of Bond & Taylor wants to aid victims who have suffered Pradaxa® injury with sound legal advice and decades of experience

handling personal injury and product liability cases. Bond & Taylor represents clients nationwide and is offering free consultations to

all injured Pradaxa® users.

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