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Art From Steel welcomes you to the world of steel statues.

Online PR News – 09-November-2012 – Las Vegas, Nevada – Art From Steel welcomes you to the world of steel statues. With years of experience and complete fascination and interest in this art form we craft scrap metal statues with unique designs. Our mission is to provide you with the largest range of scrap metal statues in the world. We have a team of skilled welders who craft finest scrap metal statues. Most of our scrap metal is steel as it is easily available and fabricated. Most of our material of scrap metal are from car, motorbike, agricultural and industrial product manufacturers. Moreover, for some steel statues we get scrap weapon metal parts of the Thai military. Our crafters work all time on new concepts and design themes.

All the statues are coated with several layers of clear acrylic lacquer to provide you with the best steel statues. Our statues are intended for static display and exhibition use. Moreover, all the materials used in the construction are recycled from cars, motorbikes and airplanes. Customer satisfaction is our main priority and all the materials used are 100% steel. Moreover, all the materials used are non-toxic.

You can also get a chance to work with our lead artists though our custom commission services to fulfill your requirements and needs. Our wide range of statues includes Aliens, animal, big, furniture, miscelanious, music, predator, sports, star wars figurines, transformers and many more. In the field of music Michael Jackson was a great dancer and for all his followers we offer Michale Jackson Statues in 16 different dancing pose.

If you are planning to buy a predator statue, then you can consider a Predator mask and other items to buy along with the statue. The detailing and artwork used in this statue is a combination of both junk metal and fabricated sheet metal. You will be offered spears swords, maces and battleaxes along with the predator model. Feel free to visit our website any time and look for all the statues and services we are offering to you, which will help you in making a wise decision. Enjoy the art and creativity of scrap metal statues with Art From Steel.

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