New, Cutting Edge Local Website Already Creating Quite A Buzz In Lancaster Pennsylvania

“Amish Country” as it’s known around the world, isn’t all that ‘quiet’ to the folks that live there. Lancaster PA is a thriving town, many big businesses, ‘mom and pop’ shops, and everything in between.

Online PR News – 09-November-2012 – 11/7/2012, Lancaster, PA – Lancaster, PA "Amish Country" as it's known around the world, isn't all that 'quiet' to the folks that live there. Lancaster PA is a thriving town, many big businesses, 'mom and pop' shops, and everything in between.

Looking for a golf course? Get ready to search for an hour or so on Google to find the best one. Looking for a romantic restaurant to eat at tonight with the husband? Just ask a friend, Lancaster PA has so many restaurants you will spend all evening just trying to find the right place.

There is so much to do in Lancaster PA, the internet has become an obsolete way to find things to do in Lancaster PA. However, that was before launched 2 weeks ago, and what a response it is already receiving. (TTD), created by Lancaster PA's very own internet marketing company, RODA marketing, is the website everyone has been waiting for. Sure, there are other 'similar' sites out there that claim they do the same thing, however most businesses don't want any part of them because of the 'membership fees' associated with the sites.

TTD is a website that lists everything from massage parlors in Lancaster PA, to every Lancaster PA restaurant in the area. The best part is, companies do not have to pay a membership fee to be featured on the site, so every single business will be listed. It is like TTD took Lancaster PA, and shrunk it into one website. If you live in the area or are planning on visiting the area, check out this site for hotels, places to eat, fun things to do at night, golf courses, shops, and so much more.

TTD has been live for only 2 weeks so far and the community response has already been exceptional. Four companies have already reached out to TTD and asked to be 'featured advertisers' on the site. The Fulton Steamboat Inn, Eden Champagne Brunch, Crossfit-Collective, and the Old Mill House Shoppes are the first four advertisers on board.

About: is a cutting edge, local website that showcases a vast list of local businesses PLUS their special monthly discounts. In addition to the numerous lists of things to do in Lancaster PA, visitors also enjoy lists of different Lancaster PA attractions. TTD is the brainchild of

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