Rebuild Your Wealth with Hedge Funds

Rebuild your investment portfolio with strategies used by Warren Buffett and other top performing investment managers.

Online PR News – 29-March-2010 – – British Virgin Islands - British Virgin Islands is one of the world’s richest money centers, it is home to the top 25 international banks. It is also home to private asset management firm Laureate Trust.

Laureate BVI fund, a hedge fund that has crushed 98% of its peers year over year for the last decade, with an average annual return of over 31 per cent. If you’ve never heard of this fund it’s because they spend more time poring through annual reports than promoting their funds. The firm operates it’s money management out of their British Virgin Islands office and their Private Client Group operates out of their Beverly Hills office.

While no tracks boutique firms as a category, analysts and other investment pros say these private asset funds have a long and rich history of little – noticed success in good times and bad. Why these funds are not better known is anyone’s guess, especially in an age with such intense scrutiny on fund performance. But the reasons they do well are obvious, it’s the fact that they tend to have more long-term investors. These managers also spend more time examining macro and micro-economic trends in the market. “These are people who want to spend their time picking stocks” says Russell Keffel, Director of Quantum Fund Research.

Unlike most funds, in 2008 they did not move to limit client withdrawals or altered other terms, as hedge fund investors rush into cash. CEO of Laureate Trust Peter Tasca says, “we are one of the world’s best capitalized firms.” The fund returned 42% in 2008 while the average fund was down -40%.

Laureate thrives on chaos – this firm is associated with managing during bad economic times. “Tough times are in fact the golden opportunity to buy below fair market or replacement value,” says Tasca.

The biggest mistake an investor can make when rebuilding their wealth is hang on to a losing portfolio. Financial firms around the world are telling their clients it’s too late to sell, and hold on for the long term. “If you look at the profits these mega financial firms are generating, you clearly see that it all comes from fees, not performance,” says Tasca. These Wall Street firms lost in their own proprietary accounts in fixed income, currencies, commodities, equities and investment banking. Tasca makes a valid point when he says, “Why would anyone trust their money to be managed by a firm that can’t even manage their own finances.”

Last month Laureate BVI made a bold move by launching a retail version of their flagship Series I fund. The new fund has a minimum investment of only 2,500 EUR/GBP/USD, this allows investors with smaller amounts to benefit from the same portfolio management as the large institutions. Tasca says, ”we’ve been getting calls from investors that have lost a lot of money and portfolio management with a plan because they have yet to recover even after a 50% rally in the FTSE, Hang Sang and Dow Jones.”

For those investors who haven’t recovered after the last two devastating years, this is a fund to seriously consider if you want to rebuild your wealth.