Cutting-edge Educational Infrastructure From Triple Color

Triple Color OD website is the #1 destination for the best interactive smartboard, non-reflective and anti-glare glass for electronic blackboard and other educational resources.

Online PR News – 09-November-2012 – Cheongwon-gun, Chungbuk, Korea – Triple Color OD was set up in 1998 to cater to the growing need for infrastructure in the field of indoor education. They have come up with a product designed to remove the inconveniences of the conventional black boards used in classrooms and training rooms the world over. In the genealogy of the writing implements used in schools and other educational institutions everywhere, the traditional blackboards were replaced by whiteboards, which are on the route to oblivion thanks to the non-reflective & interactive electronic blackboard, and the interactive smartboards that are now available in the market.

Triple Color OD has also introduced anti-glare & interactive smart-glass touch-electronic blackboard, or smartboards, to solve the inconveniences that users experienced with the simple electronic whiteboard. It has the multiple benefits of being a normal screen & writing board usually, but when switched on, it becomes a smart-touch blackboard as well. Smart Glass Touch Electronic Blackboard performs the functions of blackboard, screen, as well as, electronic blackboard.

These educational tools that are necessities in any classroom or training scenario the world over will be delivered to your doorstep by Triple Color OD. Their aim in the development of these special educational devices was to remove the shortcomings and other inconveniences brought on by the use of traditional blackboards in schools. They are also trying to provide these tools at very reasonable prices, considering that these are tools using cutting-edge technology and made to the highest quality standards. Triple Color OD assures its customers of the best quality and longevity of all their products, such as the Interactive Smartboard, the Interactive Electronic Blackboard and the anti-glare screen for monitor.

If you are in charge of the infrastructural needs of any educational institution or in the training department of a corporate, you could switch to using these Smartboards to avoid the drawbacks of the traditional educational equipment and make your classrooms really cutting-edge. For more information, log in to