Breakthrough Designs in Thin and Tough Eco Friendly Wallets Benefit Pocketbooks and Health

The premier designer of ultra thin, sustainable, leather alternative wallets has created a breakthrough in Tyvek wallet designs with an organized men's bi-fold and women's clutch style wallet that are eco-friendly, animal friendly, and recyclable.

Online PR News – 09-November-2012 – Las Vegas, NV – Inevitable wallets has designed the first ever-organized men's and clutch style women's Tyvek wallets. As the premier designer of leather alternative wallets, the products are made out of a thin, bendable plastic that is tear-resistant and water-proof. The designs are vibrant and can be fully submerged in water without the colors running. Although the design of Tyvek wallets is innovative and works for minimalists, the large inside pocket design simply isn't mainstream enough to be a real contender in the wallet market. Inevitable Wallets has designed an organized men's style bi-fold wallet called the Liberty Series which features 6 card holders and 2 internal pockets while keeping the leather-like strength of the Tyvek material. The Amaranth Series is a women's clutch style wallet that features 11 card holders and a large cash pocket with plastic snap closure. All of the products are made from 25% post consumer materials and can also be recycled alongside plastic bottles. They are also customizable with the consumer's favorite photo or original artwork.

“Today's society is changing.” Inevitable Wallets' designer and artist Johnny Burt said, “Forward expression is fast becoming the forefront of people's personalities. Expression through social media, cell phone covers, highly graphical t-shirts and multicolored shoes are the highest sellers in their respective markets and wallets are the next explosion already on the rise. Our Liberty and Amaranth Series wallets will be the catalyst to bring Tyvek wallets to the forefront of mainstream wallets. The traditional thick leather wallet is moving aside to make room for the ultra thin wallets that are equally graphic and can better fit into a pair of skinny jeans. Plain black has taken a back seat to vibrant colors and designs.”

Not only are Inevitable Wallets highly fashionable with wide ranging designs for every consumer from the most radical to the most conservative, but it's ultra thin quality means huge health benefits for the customer's back. 65 million Americans are suffering from some sort of back pain, and it's proven that the typical wallet may be one of the biggest contributors. Thick, bulky wallets kept in the back pocket while sitting will press on nerves in the back causing pain, even numbness in the lower leg, ankle or foot. Inevitable Wallets are so ultra-thin that they are about as thick as 4 credit cards.

When considering all the credit cards, IDs and everything else people carry in their wallets, every bit of added thickness can have a significant impact on one's health. No matter what the initial motivation for buying an Inevitable Wallet is, people are benefiting on all sides. They are eco-friendly by bypassing the leather tanning processes, animal friendly by not using leather, and are economically friendly by creating jobs right here in the US. Inevitable Wallets not only helps to slim down pockets and improve spinal health, it is also the latest fashion forward accessory. The latest designs are currently available exclusively through Kickstarter at and will be available December 1, 2012 on the main website just in time for holiday shoppers.

About Inevitable Wallets
Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Inevitable wallets is the premier designer of ultra thin, sustainable, leather alternative wallets. Inevitable Wallets is committed to American made, eco-friendly, animal friendly, and recyclable products.

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