Wega, the Work Horse of all Espresso Machines, a great match for Zumex Juicing

Squeezed LLC is well known for distributing commercial and industrial juicing equipment including Zumex, ZumoNat juicing presses, and Sammic commercial kitchen equipment. Freshly Squeezed is proud to announce a great addition to its product line –Wega Espresso Machines.

Online PR News – 10-November-2012 – Cleveland, Ohio – established in 1985 in Italy. This 27 year old company is now considered Italy’s leading brand of espresso machines and espresso grinders. Wega Espresso Machines are manufactured by the world’s leading manufacturer of espresso machines, C.M.A. Wega is known internationally as the most trusted espresso machine in the industry.

Polina Chernomorets, President of Freshly Squeezed LLC states, “it’s a great product, a perfect match for any location, big or small.” Each model is constructed from the most durable materials such as brass, copper and steel, along with a state of the art sleek design. “The coffee industry in Italy loves Wega, one in four espresso machines sold, Wega!” states Polina. Not only is the design sleek, but models are available in various colors, including red, chrome, black, and gold.

“Wega went Green! Even an espresso machine helps conserve energy, that’s a huge advantage to many” states Eric Guth, Director of Sales for Freshly Squeezed LLC. Wega introduced a new lined called Wega Concept Green Line, an amazing innovation that conserves energy while in use and in standby mode. Conserving energy is saving money and helping the environment stay Green as Eric Guth says.

Wega Espresso Machines go hand in hand with Zumex Juicers. By offering both coffee and freshly squeezed juice, profits are increasing and customer expectation is beyond growing. “Freshly Squeezed is here to help each and every business improve and attract customers, Zumex juicers bring in juice lovers and Wega brings in coffee lovers, a great way to attract the best of both” states Polina Chernomoretes.

Freshly Squeezed is an Official Distributor for Sammic foodservice equipment, Zumex automatic fruit and vegetable juicers, ZumoNat hydraulic juicing presses and other commercial food equipment.