Timbrook Chevrolet is Proud to Help the Forest Grow

Chevrolet is pairing up with the National Forest Foundation in the creation of a multimedia campaign that will help plant trees.

Online PR News – 10-November-2012 – Keyser , WV – Timbrook Chevrolet is proud to support Chevrolet’s tree project. Throughout the years trees are being harvested in order to create paper and other products. But they aren’t being replaced nearly as quickly. So Chevrolet has paired up with the national Forest Foundation to help solve this crisis.
Trees are a global resource that is not only an important part of people’s lives from a consumer stand point, but also for the ecological stand point. Trees are responsible for sequestering the carbon dioxide (Co2) emission. As trees grow they take the extra CO2 and change it back into carbon and oxygen. This helps offset all the CO2 being released by cars.
But if trees aren’t being planted then this process will be severely impacted. So Chevrolet has paired up with the National Forest Foundation. In return for non-tradable, non compliance, voluntary carbon offsets, Chevrolet is helping plant trees across the United States. This will help re-forest a lot of the local forest that wouldn’t normally have the time or the proper conditions to grow.
“Chevy’s investment in reforestation on the San Juan National Forest is ensuring the recovery of an area that would not otherwise regenerate trees in our lifetime. The project provides measurable emissions reductions and directly benefits a resource the American public owns. Through this partnership, Chevy is helping the National Forest Foundation protect America’s backyard.” NFF President Bill Possiel said.
In order to help gain awareness for this project, Chevrolet has also promised to donate a live tree for every virtual tree that is planted on Facebook. The goal is to plant 175,000 trees on six acres of National Forests across the country. This campaign will help people not only realize how important forestation is, but also about how they can help.
For more information about the Chevrolet Tree Project visit https://apps.facebook.com/chevrolettree/ or the National Forest Foundation at http://www.nationalforests.org/ .
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