Mazda Plans Rotary Engine Comeback

Rudolph Mazda West in El Paso, TX releases details of Mazda’s plans to continue to develop and use its rotary engine.

Online PR News – 10-November-2012 – El Paso, TX – Mazda announced earlier this year that it will cease production of the Mazda RX-8. The removal of the high-performing sports car from Mazda’s lineup as marks the exit of Mazda’s rotary engine. Rudolph Mazda West in El Paso, TX is excited to announce that Mazda has planned a comeback for its revolutionary rotary engine.

Drivers can look to see the rotary engine back in the Mazda powertrain as early as next year. This time the engine will act to help extend the range of Mazda’s newest electric vehicle, which will likely be the next generation Mazda3.

"Next year we will launch an EV range-extender with a rotary engine," said Takashi Yamanouchi, the global CEO of the Mazda. "The rotary engine has very good dynamic performance, but it's not so good on economy when you accelerate and decelerate. However, with a range extender you can use a rotary engine at a constant 2,000rpm, at its most efficient. It's compact, too."

This will undoubtedly leave real enthusiasts of the rotary engine a little disappointed as they will not experience the same hum of performance experience in the RX-8, but Mazda plans to fix that. Debuting in 2017 will be a new RX-7 sports car. The RX-7 will be powered by Mazda’s 16X rotary engine, which is still in development, but will generate right around 300 horsepower without a supercharger.

Yamanouchi has a storied history with the rotary and the new RX-7 will be unveiled as Mazda Cosmo Sport celebrates its 50th anniversary. The Cosmo was the first Mazda production vehicle to be equipped with the rotary engine, and Yamanouchi plans to continue the implementation of the engine on which Mazda built its reputation for performance.

"I joined Mazda in 1967 and what motivated me was the rotary engine, and of those that joined that year we formed a club called Cosmo after the rotary-engined car," Yamanouchi said. “In my current position I'm committed to continuing development of the engine.”

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