Jelly swims into the Windows Store!

Jellyfish – Tentacle Debacle is the first casual game for windows 8 from Germany and could attract attention as a free pre-version.

Online PR News – 08-November-2012 – 11/8/2012, Frankfurt am Main, Germany – Frankfurt am Main, Germany Jellyfish - Tentacle Debacle is the first casual game for windows 8 from Germany and could attract attention as a free pre-version. This worked out with a big success for the skill game with the small jellyfish: More than 50.000 downloads in the first weeks and positive reviews speak for themselves.

Now Producer A.T.E-Software does the next step and releases Jellyfish- Tentacle Debacle as a free app with numerous features and many purchasable upgrade-opportunities, just in time for the release of windows 8.

Similar to the pre-version the Player is getting some levels for free, but he may purchase up to 60 additional levels trough in-app-purchase.

With dreamy background artworks, funny cartoon animations and the dodgy level of difficulty of a classic arcade game Jelly conquers the hearts of the games of all age groups.

Jellyfish -Tentacle Debacle was conceived as humorous casual game and impresses with beautiful cartoon-graphics and hair-raising skill-challenges.

The Game runs on all conventional desktop-PCs as well as on the next generation windows-8-tablets and is optimized for touch-surfaces, too.

Jelly the jellyfish is small, weak and wobbly. Nevertheless our hero has to feed, reproduce and protect his jellyfish brood against other sea creatures. Only the reflexes of the Player can help him in his struggle!

Goal of the game is in each level, to breed a given number of jellyfish eggs and to protect the offspring. Five different sea worlds -all of them with special characteristics- wait for the Player and provide the setting for a multitude of levels. While in the harbor docking boats and falling anchors complicate the life of our wobbling friend , the deep sea attends with a lack of light and glowing creatures that lurk in the darkness.

Jellyfish - Tentacle Debacle

- Many spectacular levels

- Innovative and unusual gaming concept

- Hair-raising skill challenges

- Dreamy background graphics and funny cartoon animations

- Many different enemies

- Combinable tentacle upgrades and extra pearls

- Adjustable level of difficulty

- Free version with a tutorial and 3 full levels to check out

- Additional underwater-worlds trough purchased download

About ATE Software:

ATE Software GmbH, Frankfurt a.M./Germany is primarily specializing on the engineering of modern, business-critical software. As a Microsoft Certified Partner we evaluate upcoming technologies and transform them into reference projects. ATE Software was the creator of some cutting edge projects for Windows Vista, like the OTTO Vista Shop. For our T-Home application "My Software", we were honored with the Client Innovation Award 2009 in the category "Consumer Award".

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